Essay Sample: Interview With a Leader

Published: 2023-01-04
Essay Sample: Interview With a Leader
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Ben a 40 years old businessman started working with his father at a young age in his father company. Later he started his own electronics company by the name legacy electronic 15 years ago. Ben considers himself a passionate businessman with the ability to inspire young people in identifying their entrepreneurial skills through proper leadership. Through his electric company, he has been able to give a positive change to his workers by guiding them and ensuring that they not only bring profit to his electronic company but also acquire different skills in their area of specialization

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Ben was born in April 1979 in Chicago and spent most of his childhood life in Chicago with his dad who owns a business at an early stage, and hence these motivated him to work as a business person. As a youth, Ben when to Coyne collage in Chicago where he acquires a business skill which he now uses to manage his business.

According to Ben, his parents and friend influenced his leadership by being a role model to him. His father, for example, encourages him to know how to balance his business with his personal life by teaching him to be accountable and effective. The parents also encourage them to have effective teamwork and have a negotiation power which for now. Has a positive effect on his business. His friends and parents also influenced in decision making and confident communication with the customers.

Ben uses the democratic leadership style in his management. This is whereby he involves other workers in decision making, but he makes the final decision. This helps him to understand the situation in his company hence make his company excel

His leadership evolved in that at the begging of his business. He had less trust in his workers thus applied the authoritarian leadership style whereby he made all decision in his company; hence he could spend a lot of time in making a decision and at the time could not come up with the correct solution which made him change his leadership style.

Some of the mistakes made by Ben in is the company is failing to delegate work properly to his workers. At some point he made a salesperson to be his accountant; hence he could not understand some of the roles and responsibilities of an accountant thus bring a lot of confusion in the accounting sector, this thought him to always give work to his employees according to their specialization. Additionally a time he fails to focus on daily tactics and focus on an overall strategy which required an intense focus to reach to final results. Hence this led to an unaccounted loss at the end of financial year results. Due to that, he was able to appreciate the importance of checking on the daily sales of his electronics company.

When investing in people, Ben looks of an individual who has the potential to improve his electronics company. These are the people who have the inward ability in pursuing excellence through their skills and experiences. Also Ben looks of an individual with excellent communication skills and negotiation power which promote excellent communication with his customers.

Ben advice to young people was to find their passion which will then serve as a course of inspiration in venturing into entrepreneurship. Get enough finance and also be ready to make some sacrifices rather than giving up on what they love doing. Additionally, he asked them to have a mentor who has knowledge and experience in the business they want to venture into.

In conclusion, Ben argues he now appreciates his democratic leadership style because he can make a wise decision concerning his company thus has to lead to increase his profit. Through the mistakes he has made in his business, he was able to find a solution and understand his position in his business, and this has allowed him to open other two branches in Chicago.

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