Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-22
Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun, Free Essay Sample
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Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun: From Sunscreen to Sunglasses by U.S Food and Drug Administration (B)

The article is relevant to the topic as it gives relevant information on sun safety to the users. It contains authoritative information since it is a well-known and respected organization (U.S Food & Drug Administration). It also answers frequently asked questions in an accurate, direct and precise manner. The article begins with a video clip that addresses its main idea in the article. Additionally, the article is giving information without passing judgment.

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Additionally, the article is well organized and divided into clearly defined points under various subtopics. The points are plainly put out and not cluttered or busy. It also gives a number of links to more information on the topic that offer other alternatives to the problem. The website is also very fast and it does not take time to download the page. Lastly, the information provided is accurate and unbiased.

However, the article not adequately interactive and it consists of a full page of information that needs to be read. Secondly, it is not clear where and when the information used was collected. Lastly, the website does not have the health on Net Seal of approval.

Make sun safety a daily habit by EWG Sun Safety Campaign (C)

In essence, the article gives relevant information to the users on sun safety. It has an image that is related to the topic as it demonstrates one of the ways people can protect themselves from the sun (EWG Sun Safety Campaign). The article also answers a question that most people research on in a direct and definite manner. The information provided is accurate and unbiased.

The information provided in this article is not biased. It also offers a variety of alternatives that readers can use to protect themselves from the sun. The article is very short and addresses all the necessary point in a simple way that is easy for the reader to understand and remember. The main points are just listed down in a simple manner and put in bold to make them conspicuous (Metzger, Flanagin & Medders, 2010). The page is not clustered or busy thus it is easy for the reader to quickly read through it. Additionally, the language used is simple and easy to understand.

However, the information provided does not link to more information outside the source. Also, the article offers a statistical data that gives the time when the data was collected but it does not give the information about how or who gathered the information.

Staying Safe in the Sun by Cancer Care (A)

The article starts by offering a brief description of the topic that is an easy to remember way and understand. The information is relevant and easy to find since it is a well-known website. It gives relevant and accurate information to the users. Although it does not have images and videos, the introductory paragraph is clear and relates to the topic (CancerCare).

Moreover, the information offered is not judgmental and biased. The points are well laid out in a systematic manner. The information is clearly pointed out under various subtopics (Metzger, 2007). The article gives sufficient information on sun safety and also goes further to link the information to other sources elsewhere.

The article does not display any potential biases or any conflict of interest. The language used is simple and easy to understand. Lastly, the article is easy to read and comprehend.


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