Leadership Model and Ethical Statement - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-19
Leadership  Model and Ethical Statement - Paper Example
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Leadership is a process of motivating and sphere-heading a group of people toward achieving a specific goal (Iszatt-White & Saunders, 2020). Ethics in leadership is a cumulative process of assembling individuals in managerial and leadership positions who will endorse ethical principles in the workplace. Ethical leadership is comprised of five principles community, service, respect, honesty, and justice. (Leadership & Ethics 2018) As a leader who is aware of ethical leadership, I lead by example to my employees by setting standards for achieving a specific goal. Nonetheless, I lead by example in the execution of the improvement.

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In my leadership, several external factors significantly affected the leadership including technology since I was constantly required to configure the organization to the latest technological trends, sociological factors that were oriented in determining the best practices, and economic factors that directly impacted the business. Moreover, the internal factors that impacted my leadership and ethics were; the employees' differences in personality, experiences, and backgrounds (Quain, 2018). Nevertheless, the nature of the business, capability, and support that the employees provided contributed immensely to the internal factors.

Ethical values have greatly impacted my leadership by overcoming obstacles and comprehending how to deal with my employees' personal values differences (AM; 2019). Moreover, ethics have positively impacted my leadership, like better communication and strong leadership skills (Duggan, 2017). My leadership also influenced ethics in the organization by promoting great integrity levels; thus, my employees have been influenced to follow my leadership vision due to the candidness in the execution of my role.

One of the gray areas that I identified in my leadership was communication in terms of the organization's progress from my junior employees. Does the end justify the means? The goals I have established for the organization may have some obstacles in implementation. Nonetheless, I believe the goals' achievement will boost the company's performance in the global market.


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