Free Essay on Organization and Unit Mission, Vision and Values; Shared Governance

Published: 2022-09-29
Free Essay on Organization and Unit Mission, Vision and Values; Shared Governance
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Healthcare organizations have their mission and vision statements and sets of values that serve to identify with the organization culture. The mission and vision statement, therefore, become guiding limelight that controls the direction of an organization through the future and ensures that employees work for a common goal. The core values of an organization provide the expected standards of the employees in every institution. The paper focuses on the philosophy or mission of an organization and a working unit in a hospital setting. Emphasis is also directed on how organizational goals and missions are met together with organization structure.

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For every nurse, putting the patient first and delivering quality services has been the objective. The Cleveland Clinic works to benefit patients through quality service delivery. Cleveland Clinic (2018) reads as "Better care of the sick, investigation into their problems and further education to those that serve" and has been founded on the hospital commitment to all patients through education, research, and employee education. Founded in 1921, Cleveland hospital has never changed the mission statement since then and has been on the frontline in the provision of better healthcare services. The vision statement is "Striving to be the world's leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, research and education," (Cleveland Clinic 2018). The values for the hospital include integrity, quality, compassion, service, teamwork, and innovation.

The mission, values and vision statement help in providing a working philosophy in Cleveland hospital as well as a direction for the nursing unit. The hospital philosophy works embedding the mission and vision statements in the nursing department. The significant concepts which help the nurses include thinking in action, serving leader and relationship-based healthcare (Ekpe, Eneh & Inyang 2015). The serving leader concept is used to direct all services to the patient and monitor their progress. The relationship-based idea of the theory is introduced to ensure patient-based care is achievable at the maximum level while thinking in action helps in decision making (Koren 2010). Every department in the hospital has set goals and objectives which are transferred to the nurses. Every nurse then will have to meet the targets that are set by the departments to ensure the organization goals of Cleveland Clinic are achieved.

The Cleveland hospital uses a decentralized organization structure. Healthcare institutions present a multidisciplinary practice where the doctors, therapists, nurses, and pharmacists need to interact and implore decision-making practices. The nurses need to chat the best decision to take on a patient which enhances more collaboration in achieving the department goals (Fleiszer et al. 2015). The decentralized structure has some advantages in that it enables teamwork and uses team decision making rather than rely on a single person. The other advantage is that decentralized structure can be able to deal with different situations that arise in Cleveland hospital since the main focus is team management and use of expertise from different nurses. One of the cons of the decentralized structure is the delays and slow progress due to the various opinions in a team. The decentralized structure also proves time-consuming when it comes to coordination of multiple departments in Cleveland Hospital. Shared governance in Cleveland clinic helps the nurses to engage decision making on issues that affect the quality improvement, research, professional development and nursing practice (Newman 2011). Shared governance helps to create and manage change in every organization. Shared governance is subjected to the vision, mission and shared values of every organization.

Instituting a philosophy that checks on the mission, vision and value statement in an organization is essential. Every employee will have to meet the set goals and objectives in the organization to ensure the mission and vision of the hospital are achieved. Cleveland nurses are at the forefront of delivering the hospital mission and vision through a decentralized nursing model that focuses on teamwork. The structure of the nursing model is critical towards the success of the organization.


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