Free Essay Sample on Organizational Chart and Higher Level Management

Published: 2022-06-20
Free Essay Sample on Organizational Chart and Higher Level Management
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Jeff Gennette was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Macy's Inc in 2017 and took over the role of chairman of the board as from February 2018. He was elevated from the role of the president which he had served for four years. Karen Hoguet has served in the capacity of chief financial officer since 1997 and her fundamental responsibilities include overseeing the accounting and finance functions. Elisa Garcia has served in the capacity of chief legal office (CLO) since 2016 and her main responsibilities include being a corporate secretary and offering legal advice to the board of directors. Jeff Kantor has been the chief merchandising officer (CMO) since 2017 and his roles include planning and merchandising of private brands.

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Macy's Corporation has organized in such a way that it is almost similar to Walmart since the two retailers are heavyweights in their industry, leading with aggressive media campaigns in promoting the battle for customer attention. The similarity comes in the sense that the chief executive officers of both corporations are concerned with the business rapid evolution in responding to the alterations in the manner that customers shop across their stores together with the desktops, smartphones, as well as tablets. The two companies are continuously investing in their businesses by focusing on where the customer moves toward in preparation for what is to come next. The structures of the two companies emphasize efficiency as their strong point, which is at the center of the operations achieved through localization, integration of various channels, and magic selling customer engagement. Both companies adopt the organic approach in their operations, relying on teamwork, respect, and a decentralized system of making decisions (Bolman, & Deal, 2017). The organic approach is significant in innovation and business environments prone to rapid changes.

There are positive related human resource management techniques, for instance, departmentalization uses the functional approach that places individuals with similar skills and knowledge together in such a way that it encourages specialization and subsequently increased productivity (Dong, Ehrlich, Macy, & Muller, 2016). The comparative advantage of Walmart and Macy's corporations are based on the demand of the customers, awareness of the business environment, and adapting to changes. However, in order to gain the competitive advantage over Walmart, the Macy's corporation management considers renewing the chain of the department store with new ideas during a period when individuals are buying specific products, for example, clothes as well as beauty products from other stores. Macy's corporation has closed some of its stores and continues with other strategies that could see sales go up. Similarly, the Walmart is considered to be winning in a losing industry hence the similarity.


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