Paper Example. Parent Interview

Published: 2023-04-24
Paper Example. Parent Interview
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Different people venture into different lines of education as well as jobs. To get a good job, one must have an education first. Even training and internships are part of the culture; working along with an individual, it means that you are acquiring knowledge on perfecting what you want to do. The relationship between education and Job is not only determined by the role of education in preparing for subsequent tasks of work, but also by the fact that an individual selects a particular form of education to disassociate them from the work to develop in a balanced way to cope with the diversities of work. Precisely, it is not necessarily that people should only work in the area of education since education is also meant to open their minds and enable them to fit in other related fields. In this paper, I have written a story concerning the training and Job of my father.

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Education and Job of my father

My dad is called Liet Nguyen and was born in 1949 in Cambodia. Since his birth, he lived with his parents' up to 1968 and mostly went to French schools like the Efi French School of International Phnom Penh and French School of Siem Reap, where he did a bachelor of mathematics and science. Besides, between 1969-1972, my dad worked as a Midshipman in the New port Rhode Island under officer candidate school. As a midshipman, he played the following roles; he worked as an assistant to the navigator or as a clerk to the commanding officer; he will possibly also serve as a signal officer in one of these latter capacities. He was allowed to perform practices in charge of deck and engine room as permitted by their numbers and the design of the voyage. However, the Navy Department was determining the sum of such activity, as well as the scope of the commanding officers ' reports on the subject. Then, between 1972 to 1975, he worked as a Navy Officer under the South Vietnamese Regime. However, getting into the Navy during those days was not easy, not only for my dad but also for all people. Between 1975-1982, my dada got jailed by Viet Cong in a re-education camp in southern Viet Nam. After he got released in 1982, he escaped with his family to Indonesia and then to the USA.

The USA Navy was a safe place for him to continue serving, but it was also a great challenge to join as an officer. With his earlier experience, which was; a fighter unit officer of.5 grade 1970, first-grade navigator officer of 1971, Lieut of 1972, an affirmative test force officer of second-grade war, and Lieut from 1973 to 1975. 3rd-grade Combat unit soldier, he had an upper hand to join the team. Besides, the applicant should be physically fit, have a bachelor's degree in math in Cambodia and security clearance from the United States. Depending on the officer's specialty, the significant fields of study required to vary. And this also gave him an upper hand, since he almost fitted 90% of the requirements. Being admitted as a navy officer, he was assigned in an Officer Candidate School Program to overview naval station Newport Rhode Island. Some of his responsibilities were; morally, emotionally, and physically build potential character and competence leaders-imbuing them with the highest values of honor, courage, and commitment to serve as qualified Naval Officers deserving of extraordinary confidence and trust.

As the Officer Candidate School (OCS), my dad was also able to deliver his mission effectively. In leadership, he was instilling the qualities of a Professional Naval Officer among applicants, honesty, work ethic, military bearing, temperament, dependability as well as initiatives. It was also necessary to teach them how to be accountable, teamwork as well as toughness, and this involved; developing officer applicants who are willing to work under pressure and stressful circumstances when evaluating and improving their time management skills and confidence. Besides, the profession of the arms was the responsibility that he had to outlook, and this involved Instilling discipline, military bearing, and attention to detail, patriotism, pride, and building esprit de corps. In installing fitness, the primary concern was a culture that can continue far past OCS in a career's entirety. And this is because a Professional Naval Officer must be physically healthy and robust-ready to lead and maintain a fitness culture in a demanding and austere environment. Precisely, the institution was providing candidates with basic knowledge of the naval profession through classroom and practical training, setting personal expectations of quality that remained with the recipient throughout their professional careers. Then graduates returned to their homeland to serve in South Vietnam's swift boat fleet, part of the joint American-South Vietnamese 'brown water navy.' Small coastal and river patrol gunboats, provided by the U.S. Navy in 1969, patrolled the rivers and waterways of the Mekong Delta region, which were being used as supply lines by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese enemy forces. They were assigned to 'Tango,' 'Uniform,' and 'Victor' companies, each having approximately 60 to 70 officer candidates.

The structured government re-education to last just ten days, and at most two weeks, according to my dad. Furthermore, the men were held in grueling labor camps for several years. One thing the communists said - just ten days! They even wrote that it only takes ten days to pack clothes and food and money, so everyone believed. They were all signed contracts that said so! But after ten days, after three months, after six months, many people were unable to take up the cruel camp conditions and store their rice rations and seek to escape at night. Sadly, communist guards were capturing prisoners as they scaled the fence surrounding the camps. "I had friends who tried to run, who were shot dead." "The penalty was serious if they survived," my dad said.

Reasons Why My Dad Completed His Education and What Encouraged Him to Take the Navy Job

Since my father was a young boy, he was helping his parents in taking care of their livestock. Father was a determined farmer who knew that education was the only way that would have changed the lives of his children. Therefore, he instilled the values of hardworking and accountability to his children by teaching them never to give up on whatever they would desire to achieve in life. My dad said that this was the main reason that kept him moving and not losing hope in his career. '' for you to make whatever you want, you must have fire in your berry to fuel the passion and motivate you more," said dad. He is kind of a person who believes that there is nothing too hard to be achieved.

Furthermore, he was outstanding from his tender age in working with numbers. And this is another reason that motivated him to pursue a bachelor of mathematics and science. According to dad, learning math requires effort and commitment. The rewards aren't immediate; once you've spent time and energy studying its language and laws, those rewards will keep you away. Besides, the long hours of work calculus problems are a way of making the simple rules so normal and intuitive that we don't have to worry about them. We should concentrate on other issues that are more exciting and challenging. Besides, learning grammar to him was repetitive, dull, and stressful. The passion and love for numbers by my dad instilled a fire in his belly, thus pushing him more and more to pursue a cause related to mathematics.

In working as a Midshipman as well as a Navy, the idea came after completing his Bachelor's education. He was motivated by their adventurous nature, as well as his physical fitness. Until today, my father likes traveling in places and enjoying the view. He knew with this character, being a navy would be the best fitting career for him. Furthermore, he is a tall guy who had an interest in doing some exercises for his body fitness and healthy life. Therefore, he knew that he would complete training at Officer Candidate School (OCS) once admitted. "I thought the Navy would allow me more versatility, and there would be a lot of traveling opportunities, and thus turned a few work opportunities down where I would be tied to a desk.

I made the right choice! Imagine being on a ship as Deck Officer or Watch Officer, which means that you are practically in charge of a whole 92,000-ton ship", He said! Just from how my dad was expressing his interest in being a navy, and how he was enjoying every opportunity his working, it showed me how he loved whatever he was doing and the passion he instilled in his work.

How the experience of my dad and his recommendation have impacted my life and career

I have always been admiring the behaviors of my dad. I cannot be ashamed to tell the world that he is my dad, because one thing I know; I have a good father. Just like him, he has trained us to be responsible at all levels. He is a parent that gives his children advice and allows them to express themselves too. He has been telling me that everything that I desire to achieve is achievable if only I can be committed and focused on making it. "You only need to believe in yourself." This I what he has been telling me every time I have a conversation with him. To him, losing hope or giving up on anything is not an option. "If one way of getting where you want to be in future has been shut, look for the alternative, and if that alternative fails, look for another and another until you accomplish your goal." These are my dad's words that have been keeping me moving.

My father did not recommend me to be a navy like him. Be believes in self-interest and choice. After I joined secondary school, my father started advising me about my career. Funny enough, I was not sure what I wanted to be in the future. However, I was interested in working more with people and understanding their behavior. That is, I have an interest in helping people. After I told my dad about it, he gave me the assignment to investigate the best careers that would fit my interest. After a short period, I had examined and settled on two jobs; either becoming a sociologist or a psychologist.

Nevertheless, my dad was not to make any choice for me, he also asked me to do more investigation and get certain on one of them, but he kept reminding me that "Choosing your undergraduate degree is a major decision, one that decides not just what subjects you will be living and breathing for the next few years, but also what career prospects you will most likely enjoy after you graduate." My dad's directions and my further investigations made me settle in Sociology. It has a broader area of study since it helps in examining the social actions within communities, societies, organizations, and social structures. I understood this would help me in improving my creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving techniques, and communication skills.

In conclusion, the education and Job of my father have inspired me. In all, my dad was very committed and always sure of what he wanted. Despite my dad not making decisions for me, he knew exactly what to do in improving my decision skills. Through his advice and directions, I was able to choose my career, and I have never regretted it. Besides, whenever i get discouraged in life and especially in my career through one way or another, I always remember my dad's words. "Never to give up,"! I have everything that it takes to be successful in the future; I have a role model and an advisor, and that is my dad.

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