Revolutionizing Hiring Efficiency: An In-Depth Exploration of the EZ-ATS System Implementation

Published: 2024-01-20
Revolutionizing Hiring Efficiency: An In-Depth Exploration of the EZ-ATS System Implementation
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A. System Justification

The EZ-ATS is the most recommended system because of its unique features. Besides, it guarantees the improvement of total hiring results. Some of the most user-friendly features offered by EZ-ATS include increased collaboration, decreased time for filling positions, and easy communication with hiring managers (Schweyer, 2010). More so, the system decreases the cost per hire and reduces the workload for the human resource manager. Other features that make the EZ-ATS system applicable to the company and the problem experienced include the ability to report on the hiring process and highlight the skills of the applicant.

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Moreover, EZ-ATS would save the firm the budget when it comes to replacing the spreadsheet and paper instructions. The implementation process and usage of the system are also simple—also, no long-term contract is required for replacing the application. The access is also available 24 hours across the world (Schlinger, 2014). The system and data security are also enhanced. Other friendly features for the EZ-ATS mobile device access, a free 30-day trial, and access to any EZ-ATS capabilities. The EZ-ATS can easily attract talent because of the responsive and professional interaction that it can offer with applicants. It can not only retain but also top human resource talents because of its flexible applicant tracking system EZ-ATS also aligns the goals of hiring with the organization's objectives because of the clear visibility on the need to hire the candidate with matching job requirements.

The system offers multiple solutions to the organization because it provides everything one requires to manage and track applications. The critical stages in the hiring process that are enhanced by the EZ-ATS system include preparation stages, job advertising procedure, screening of new applicants, evaluation of candidates, and automation of the organization’s hiring procedure(Schlinger, 2014). It also coordinates all the actions and maintains high-level transparency in the hiring process. One can also integrate the system with corporate email, websites, and social media sites for easy communication with the candidates.AZ-ATS also undertakes the interview scheduling process through the use of electronic calendars for scheduling all interviews and ensuring all participants are incorporated. Thus, AZ-ATS offers a unique solution that services the entire hiring process of the firm

B. Implementation Areas

Many recruitments are currently delivered with the SaaS approach. The software as a service concept has a variety of advantages compared with others. However, he deploying SaaS software, one needs to consider the SaaS service provided. The method and the end-user of an existing solution are also a critical consideration. The customer, in this case, requires a provider who can correct any issues relating to the server, storage, operating system, or language. Therefore, a provider who can readily solve all issues is preferable for when implementing SaaS.

Vendor Agreement

Before stating MTC starts using the system, it should follow the set procedures so that the vendor can provide the EZ-ATS system. The first step requires MTC to select one of the services from the list of services provided by the vendor. For example, for the system that caters to up to 25 users, MTC has to pay $50 per month. The vendor also offers a package service to more than 1000 system users at $500 per month (Hall & Cober, 2018). Other payments that should be considered at this stage include a one-time system setup. Configuration fee and web-based training. Other charges are incorporated into the licensing fee.

The next phase requires MTC to sign the User agreement with the vendor and provide purchase order information or credit card. Then, the account manager would contact the MTC upon receiving the user agreement payment. The manager would guide the MTC in the configuration process.

Thus, to get access to and configure the process, the cost ranges from the number of users. The cheapest package costs $50 per month and can only support 25 users. However, MTC requires a system that can support 70 users. Therefore, the cost of the system would be $ 100 per month, plus other one-time costs. Some of those one-time costs include $1000 to initiate system connections, $2500 for one-time configuration, and $295 for web-based training (Hall & Cober, 2018). Other costs are included in the licensing fees.

However, the provider offers a 30-day free trial where no obligation is required. EZ-ATS provides customers with the opportunity to test the drive for free before deciding to start using the system.

Even though this is a SaaS solution, MTC must ensure that it is IT infrastructure can support the use of the system and that its employees can correctly access the system. There are multiple types of hardware that MTC employees require to access the system. The laptop or desktop with the required specifications is one of the primary hardware requirements for the employees to access the system. The client must be running a web browser and operating system to access SaaS services. Therefore, MTC requires computer hardware devices like a powerful CPU with adequate storage capacity, monitors, mice, power connections, and backups.

The MTC employees also require telecommunication equipment to access and use SaaS services. These are hardware used for telecommunication purposes. Examples of such telecommunication equipment required by MTC to access the SaaS services include fiber-optic cables, voice-over-internet protocol, routers, and smartphones.

High storage capacity is also required to access and utilize SaaS services effectively.


Upon user agreement and payment is received, the account manager would automatically contact the MTC to assist in configuration steps for the system. Some of the areas where the manager helps the clients in ‘going live’ include how to use the company name and logo, linking the system with emails and social media sites, and linking the job boards and LinkedIn for posting the job announcements. Thus, the EZ-ATS would help the MTC on how to set up custom reports, set up the custom workflow for the organization, set up the employee user accounts, and redesign and upload the company’s job requisitions. This information would be utilized in an automated screening function. More so, AZ-ATS assists in testing each of the functions to make sure that the system is working efficiently.

The provider also offers multiple alternatives on how to configure and access the system from any device and location at any time of the day.AZ-ATS, for instance, would train MTC employees on how to use their free website videos about the configuration, usage, and maintenance of the system (Hall & Cober, 2018). The other alternative that would be offered by the system provider would be the way to use EZ-ATS training resources in developing on-site training that would meet all the needs of the company. Therefore, the system configuration process would be undertaken by the Hiring manager from MTC with the help of the AZ-ATS manager. The provider will guide MTC management on step-by-step configuration and usage of the SaaS. The videos and resources would also be provided to enable MTC employees to fully access and usage of the system.


The MTC should test the system after signing up and configuring the system. The user acceptance testing would help the company to assess the efficiency of the system in performing the tasks or solving the intended problem. Therefore, upon preparation of everything, MTC should now log out of any administrative functions. Then, it should create a tester dummy account on the AZ-ATS. Then, it should upload the resume and ensure that all the forms are filled. The next step in testing would be to go through the process slowly using the scorecard in every step. MTC should ensure it takes notes of all the processes and efficiency of the system.

The second phase of testing should be done by using the resume of another employee in a similar position. In case the ATS now rejects the top talent, the MTC should try to assess the reasons for the situation and contact the provider to correct and fix the system.

Employee Preparation and Support

The manager should introduce the right employees to perform current tasks. CEO Samuel Johnson should also hire more professional and skilled staff who have adequate knowledge in the use of the new system. He should also reschedule employees to ensure each of them performs the task that they can do best based on their talents skills, passion, and experience to enhance proper utilization of the new system.

Change Management

The CFO-Evelyn Liu should ensure that the AZ-ATS system is integrated into bottom-line friendly and in sync with the current system. The manager should make sure that the new system is compatible with the current technology used within the organization so that processes are not interrupted.


The Director of HR-Joseph Cummings should take charge and train the employees on the importance of using the new hiring system. Upon getting adequate knowledge from the provider, Joseph Cummings should organize and conduct training sessions for the employees so that they can quickly familiarize themselves with the new system.

User Support

The CIO-Raj Patel should emphasize on how the new system would perform and its benefit to the organizations and hiring managers. He should emphasize that the ATS system should be compatible with the existing system. He should readily assist users who experience difficulties regarding the usage of the employed AZ-ATS system.

Data Migration

In the area of collaboration, an efficient system would incorporate all the information in one place. The information would now be accessed easily through the dashboard and would be updated in real time. The use of the new hiring system would advance communication between the hiring manager and recruiters. The online forums would provide fast feedback to the applicants (Hall & Cober, 2018). The use of the AZ-ATS system would enhance the MTC hiring process. The software would carry all the data that used to be run manually as well as all the company records. The paperwork would thus be reduced, leading to saving a considerable amount of time.

The system would not replace the recruiters but integrate them enhance their working speed and enable them to make better decisions in the hiring process. Unlike the current situation in which the hiring manager has to inform the AA of the top candidate to be hired, the new technology would quickly reveal the data for the selected candidate, enabling the AA, recruiter, and hiring managers to confirm results fast.

Also, the current interview scheduling would be incorporated into the system to delete any schedule errors from the timetable and save time as well.

The reviewing of the applications by the hiring manager would also be integrated into the new system to enable the manager to save time and get more organized during selection of the candidates. The system would be receiving applications through online submission through the employment website for the MTC. It would then store the applicant's information in the database.


According to the report from Software Advice, 26% of recruiters believe that ATS has a positive result on the experience of the candidates (Holm, 2020). By using the well-maintained and updated, the system improves candidates experience significantly. However, the EZ-ATS system offers automatic updates after a given period. The system maintenance for the AZ-ATS system is automatic and does not interrupt the user experience.

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