Free Essay Example - Signs of Abuse

Published: 2023-04-12
 Free Essay Example - Signs of Abuse
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Abuse involves violent or cruel treatment of someone, especially when done repeatedly. Some signs of abuse, such as physical marks, may be easy to identify. Others can be easily overlooked. For instance, the victim may lack interest or fail to attend activities they had earlier enjoyed. Abuse affects different individuals uniquely. The effects of abuse are both physical and psychological. Notably, some people undergoing abuse may make efforts to ensure that people around them do not notice for a variety of reasons. Identification of persons either undergoing abuse or potential victims is critical as these people require help. This paper will provide an analysis of sets of related signs of existing or potential abuse on an individual. The article will provide a discussion of the physical, emotional, and behavioral changes as some categories of abuse signs.

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Physically abused persons are likely to have visible injuries or frequent bruises. These individuals will most often lack explanations or give inconsistent causes for the injuries. Some physical signs of abuse include arm bruises, black eyes, red or purple strangulation marks on the neck, busted lips, or sprained wrists. Physically abused people may try to cover the physical signs highlighted above using clothing. For instance, one may notice that their friends unusually wear long-sleeved clothing or scarves. Wearing profoundly warm attire during hot weather or donning sunglasses indoors may be indicators of probable physical abuse. Physical abuse is common among individuals undergoing domestic violence (Gans 2020).


The development of a sense of despair, helplessness or hopelessness due to abuse can trigger a variety of signs of emotional abuse. This phenomenon is common, especially when the victims believe they are trapped in the abusers' control. The inability to relax or a permanent state of alertness is a common sign of an emotionally abused person. Other emotional signs of abuse include low self-esteem, suicide talks or attempts, changed sleeping habits, fearfulness, alcohol or drug abuse, and depression symptoms. Individuals undergoing abuse may also be frequently agitated, meek or apologetic (Hunt 547). They may also show signs of lack of interest in daily activities.


A gradual change from a previously cheerful person to a quiet and withdrawn one may signify abuse. People suffering from abuse are likely to become very secretive of their issues and reduce or altogether avoid family members and friends. Other behavioral change signs of abuse include frequent lateness to work or absenteeism and cancellation of appointments without prior notice. Also, people experiencing abuse may, at times, indirectly hint at the abuser's behavior. For domestic abuse, the victims may describe their partner as moody or use similar suggestive words. They are also likely to exhibit an intense fear of the abuser to the extent of objecting help from family and friends. People experiencing domestic violence are also expected to show signs of extreme control from their partners (Finley 11). For instance, they will frequently receive calls and messages from their spouses enquiring about their location.


The knowledge of common signs of abuse is essential in the identification of persons either experiencing abuse or potential victims. While some signs of abuse are physical and easily noted, some require close observation of the abused person. People undergoing abuse, or are likely to be abused in the future need help, hence the understanding of signs of abuse is critical. This paper has provided an analysis of physical, emotional, and behavioral change signs of abuse.

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