Essay Sample on Speaker Summary - Alexandra Patsavas

Published: 2023-04-09
Essay Sample on Speaker Summary - Alexandra Patsavas
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Part 1

Alexandra Patsavas is a musical supervisor who has played a significant role in the industry. Patsavas has managed to secure deals and contracts for young talents. Through her profound influence, Patsavas has included musical pieces in various television movies and series hence making them musical and enhancing the artistic point of view of the actors. Alexandra Patsavas organizes and oversees the compositional processes of musical pieces for use in films to ensure that the lyrics and in line with the content and scripts of the movie actors. In consequence, the emotions in films are exacerbated, and a viewer can connect more with the actors and personnel taking different roles in a movie or series. By doing so, the musical supervisor nurtures young talent to become renowned producers and composers. As such, Patsavas gives back to the community and encourages talent development. From this, it is clear that the supervisor is of significant benefit to the community.

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Part 2

Alexandra Patsavas was interested in music since she was young. However, her career began when she acquired her first supervision task in the mid-1990s. She continued with the supervision practices and earned her first credit in the 95s or 96s when she went to Los Angeles to work for a talent agency and gained a lot of skills. She moved to work for BMI, particularly the film and television department. It was at this point that she realized how much soundtracks inspired her. However, Alexandra did not understand that supervising music was more of a concert. With continued exposure, she got to learn more about her career path. She enjoyed scripts with time, and she had the opportunity to supervise her first movie, 'Caged Heat 3000.' She worked together with Aaron Osborne, who was the film's director, and managed to nurture and up bring young talents.

Part 3

The unique idea that I would bring to the industry if I had the same position as Alexandra Patsavas is to ensure that the songs are energetic and dynamic. In films and television series, the time frame is usually limited. With this in mind, rhythms should possess a lot of movements over sections while also emphasizing the different moods. For instance, the song tune for a person headed toward danger should differ from a successful melody. More so, the lyrics should be aligned to the film's scene and be diverse as well. If a song's lyrics refer to a particular town, the musical piece can be used only in the section of the film that takes place within that region. Lastly, I would prefer to have instrumentals other than vocals since it makes it easier for editing around the dialogue.

Part 4

One cool thing that I have learned about Alexandra Patsavas is the need for one to follow their dream and what they love. For Alexandra, music has been her passion since she was young. However, she never got the opportunity to record and be involved in the music industry as a young person. She followed her passion and has succeeded in her area. I have learned that when a person loves what he or she does, he or she is likely to be successful hence showing the need to follow personal dreams and desires. Also, I have learned a lot about music supervising. Initially, I never thought that music supervisor was a career that one would venture into. I only thought of professions such as that of a music manager and producer. However, supervising, as Alexandra describes, appears to be an exciting career that one could undertake. It posits a lot of opportunities since one can work in the music and television industry as well.

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