Free Essay Example on Professional Tennis Playing

Published: 2022-09-22
Free Essay Example on Professional Tennis Playing
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Tennis has been considered to be a great exercise. It is because the play ensures the development of eye-hand coordination, and it usually leads to speed, strength, balance and flexibility improvement. Additionally, tennis playing is a fun activity and leads to socialization, rendering it the best choice of sport which can be pursued by friends or families. Am Jonas, a highly interested and passionate person to the game of tennis, who would like to convince you to join the tennis world and reap the benefits, this type of sports offers. Am a subscribed member to the official United States of America tennis association, where I get updates on tennis matches, and where am coached on some aspects on this fantastic sport by online coaches. Tennis was developed as a sport in France, back in the 12th century, where the hand was the principal means of striking the tennis ball (United Sates Tennis Association, 2018). From ancient times, tennis has been determined to possess a lot of advantages especially to human health. Some of these advantages include; body fat lowering, aerobics capacities increment, bone density increase, among others. As such, people should learn how to become professional tennis players, which this paper aims at addressing.

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First and foremost, am going to discuss the various steps which are necessary for making someone a professional tennis player. Getting experience is the first significant step in tennis playing. A person is supposed to get in shape, which can be realized through deliberate practicing. According to Collins, one should get in an accelerated learning zone which he refers to as "deliberate practice" zone (2007). Serious practicing leads to myelination, which is a mechanism that is neurological, and which builds skills through certain patterns that are established through targeted practice. In Collins article, he states that for one to become a professional in the sport of tennis, they have to train for ten thousand hours in ten years. The period might seem long, but it is worth the sacrifice. However, if one is training to pursue training as a career and compete in its tournaments for financial gains, more hours are recommended to be set aside for training. Apart from tennis, this first step applies to many fields, even in education, if one is decided to have better grades in any discipline.

Secondly, surrounding oneself with talent is very crucial in learning the art of professional tennis playing. A coach is very relevant in this stage, especially one, who has already pursued tennis as a professional sport. Coaches are relevant as they direct a person on the right path of playing, through training sessions which are supposed to instil certain skills set to the aspiring professional tennis players. The coach can be a mentor or can be someone who is paid to make sure that your success is their priority (Filipcic, 2017). If the coach is paid, there is the need of looking for mentors who usually guide one through the career itself and most of its challenges, which will be discussed later in the paper. Healthy relationships need to be cultivated with these mentors to ensure commitment in both sides, as coaching and mentoring require serious obligations between the two parties involved.

Thirdly, and the last tip in becoming a pro in tennis sport is the ability to understand the exact definition of a professional player (Collins, 2007). One should start as early as possible since obtaining a pro status requires experience, and learn what attributes make some tennis player like Roger Federer and Serena Williams successful. Joining the United States Tennis Association is crucial for the understanding of the sport and updates which are very necessary for obtaining experience in the field.

Next, my report discusses some of the challenges which are faced in the quest of becoming a professional tennis player. The road which one undertakes to become a pro in this sport is considered daunting, but what should motivate a person anyway, is the greater good associated with learning the game. According to a summit carried out in March of the year 2015, several challenges were brought up concerning tennis playing. These challenges include; the sport has lost its relevance in society as it is usually associated with the rich people in the community. As such, this presentation is very crucial as it brings awareness to the benefits which are excluded by society members who refuse to utilize this sport to their gains. The second challenge which was brought up by the summit was the expense incurred by aspiring or rather, training professional tennis players (Tennis Industry Association, 2015). As mentioned earlier, one must pay a coach a hefty amount of money to ensure that they are taught the relevant skills required in the sport. Without money, it is, therefore, challenging to obtain the skills which are necessary for achieving a pro status in tennis. The website of Tennis Association, however, has tried to deal with this problem by the provision of online coaches who help training tennis players. The above discussed two challenges were the main agendas of discussion in the summit which are relevant to be understood before embarking on the journey of training to be a professional tennis player.

Now, my presentation will shed some light on the future of the tennis industry before concluding it. Due to a majority of people dropping off from joining the sport, the industry has been dominated by the old big four players; Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Therefore, a new golden age of tennis players is expected to emerge in the future to challenge these old tennis moguls. They have, however, been challenged and beaten by some upcoming players, for instance, Zverev Sascha who beat Federer last year (Slayton, 2018). The professional playing of tennis is, therefore, beneficial and some of those who have ventured into it is already becoming successful. The play should be encouraged and practiced to ensure the new golden age of professional tennis players is better and more benefiting to the players and society as a whole. This can be considered to be the sustainable development goal of tennis playing.

Finally, those are the significant steps which are needed in becoming a professional player in tennis, if a way is found to curb with the challenges first. I can confidently say am a professional tennis player as I have undergone all those steps described in my presentation, but still, am learning on the art of perfecting myself in this sport. No one point can be declared final in practice, and therefore, one has to keep giving in what they have towards their targeted achievements. It is evident that in learning how to become a professional tennis player, sheer determination and a lot of practice need to be established. Mentors, as seen, are very crucial though one has to overcome the challenge of paying them if the mentor is your coach. As discussed earlier, people hesitate in joining the sport for many reasons. However, the main benefits associated with the play have also been discussed, leading to the question, which side do you believe is advantageous to you?


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