Language Essay Example: Standardization, Expectation, and Judgment

Published: 2022-04-19
Language Essay Example: Standardization, Expectation, and Judgment
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Language is an essential tool for human beings to interact and associate with one another. The problem is that as generations change, language is also altered. Taking English for instance, there are many variations to the extent of posing the question, 'What is correct language?' Language is known to adapt based on the context as well as the identities of the speakers. This indicates the linguistic variation and explains why there are always additions to the English Dictionary every few years.

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Language standardization is a feature that may only be achieved partially. This explains why the definition of Standard English is in itself elusive to us. Standardization often refers to the attempts to make a specific variation to become conventional. This requires technical knowledge and consensus by various parties hence invoking the question, 'Who has the right to decide the ideal language?' For the case of American English, no universal standard on how it should be spoken or written exists. It is expected for grammar to possess specific constant rules but variations in accents and pronunciations are expected. Regionally, people have their way of speaking and such, is their set standard. When someone else from a different geographic location visits a new place, it is normal to find the language weird. The weirdness comes not because of lack of understanding, but because it is not being articulated in a manner, they are used to. It is for this reason that the United States has not set a convention to be followed.

In language, there are certain expectations. This demands a look into the descriptive and prescriptive grammar. The use of language for descriptive purposes requires an understanding of what English is. Descriptivist English speakers are known to be more lenient, and their grammar does not require in-depth analysis. For this reason, the term 'go slow' and go 'slowly' may have the same meaning. As for prescriptive grammar, the aim is to determine how English should be. This refers to the actual expectations based on the rules of the language. In the example cited above, the expected phrase is 'go slowly.' This projection is based on the fact that in the said context, an adverb is needed. While 'slow' is an adjective, 'slowly' is an adverb. It is, therefore, suitable to use the latter as opposed to the former. The society also has requirements regarding language. This explains why many non-African Americans who live in regions with African-Americans forming up the majority of the population speak Black English. Due to societal influences and expectations even culture changes. It is therefore needless to say that language forms a core part of the culture.

Based on the issues of standardization and expectation, it is expected for people to pass judgment on the language. The truth of the matter is that due to lack of universal law, opinions will vary. While it is common to be judged based on the accent, other people use English as a battle for the complexity of the vocabulary used. In my opinion, linguistic variation is vital in setting apart various cultures. Seeking for a manner of judgment is unnecessary, but the most important thing is to ensure that language facilitates communication.

To understand standardization, expectation, and judgment in pertinence to language use, then there is need to embrace linguistic variation. The differences are based on people's preferences and other factors relating to society. Due to personal appeal, it is common to shorten or alter the pronunciation of words by American speakers. This reason explains why it is common to have slang being included in dictionaries and being formally acknowledged as part of English. There is no harm in embracing the evolutionary nature of language. It is an indication of the civilization and the trends to mark generations and specific regions.

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