Free Essay Example. Supervisory Management

Published: 2023-04-18
Free Essay Example. Supervisory Management
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A supervisor is a person who oversees the work of other people and ensures that they meet their targets and key responsibilities. A supervisor is responsible for the productivity and actions of a small yet targeted group of employees. They take up managerial roles in some cases and have specific responsibilities and powers (Shen & Khaligh, 2015). They have the authority to transact on behalf of the organization to certain limits. A supervisor must possess basic skills such as proper communication and the ability to resolve conflicts. They must also show leadership skills, critical thinking, and a strong sense of interpersonal skills coupled with problem-solving ability.

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The growing diversity in the workforce has seen many changes in the way supervisors do their work, such as the way they communicate with their juniors. Supervisors are affected by record-keeping, training, and recruitment process, as well as the punitive directions that they can take on the employees. Supervisors play different roles in the organization, such as facilitating controls among the employees and ensuring there is decorum (Shen & Khaligh, 2015). Supervisors also ensure there is proper and managed use of resources as well as observations and maintenance of discipline among the workers. They act as the bridge of communication between junior employees and the top management as well as motivating the workers (Shen & Khaligh, 2015).

The characteristics of a successful supervisor include interactive and productive communication skills. They must also show empathy and compassion to the employees, show confidence and understanding. Supervisors must have humility and flexibility to handle situations. The expectations of the supervisor have been changing early daily (Shen & Khaligh, 2015). For example, in modern times, they are expected to create a safe and sound working condition; they also have to change and channel their job description to provide training, evaluation, and appraisal for their juniors, among other duties.

Most employees want to become supervisors. However, the transition process musts see the employee become very flexible and set the organizational agenda instead of personal ones. For one to be promoted, they must spend enough time learning the organizational culture as well as mindfully manage their time (Shen & Khaligh, 2015).

Organizations have different levels like first-level, middle, and top-level hierarchies. The number of employees on each level gives the pyramid structures. The supervisors are in the middle level, both in terms of seniority and remuneration (Shen & Khaligh, 2015). The management process that a supervisor is required to undertake include planning of the organizational processes, controlling of the organizational duties, monitoring of junior employees, executing, and executing of all plans and targets.


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