The Accuracy of News, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-09-21
The Accuracy of News, Free Essay for Everyone
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Times have changed dramatically over the years regarding how people access or share news. People no longer sit and wait for information to reach them or rather get to hear of news from their neighbors or newspapers. Through the advancement of technology, we get news faster nowadays from the internet. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have shortened the lifespan and accessibility of news. Stories are being broken before the traditional media even get a chance to verify and arrive at the scene. Despite that being useful in breaking news fast, the question still remains of how reliable is the source. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet just because there's a picture with a quote next to it." According to a study examining how 126,000 news items circulated among 3 million twitter users, fake news spread faster than true news. Verification of online information is increasingly becoming important as it ensures information put across is factually correct. Verification Handbook is one of the initiatives that offer insights and strategies on how to tackle different types of false information. It encourages readers to assume online information is false until verified.

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Robert Parmer, a freelancer writer has written about The Common Misconceptions about Mental Illness Everyone Should Abandon. First and foremost, mental illness is referred to as a health condition that involves changes in behavior, thinking and emotions. According to his article, stigmas related to mental health are a real issue in the society. The fear of discrimination often keeps people away from facing mental health problems. Barriers like access to treatment and issues with insurance coverage often hinder mental illness patients from seeking treatment. There are various myths and misconceptions about mental illness as viewed by society. One of them is that people can recover from depression or anxiety disorders with prescription drugs alone. He also goes ahead to mention that also the people suffering from mental illness can simply pull themselves out of it. Also, those mentally ill cannot hold down a job or properly take care of their families and themselves. Robert states that another common misconception about mentally ill people is that they are typically violent and very unpredictable. The last myth is that children do not experience mental illness.

According to the above article, readers have to understand that to what extent mental illness can affect a person. Can a mental illness patient get past the issue? Can the patients with severe forms of mental illness keep up with their responsibilities like taking care of their families or meet their work requirements? Can children below the age of five years suffer from mental illness?

Research in recent years has proven that mental health patients can get themselves out of that condition. This can be achieved when the person accepts or recognizes the problem and tap resources that can help manage it. Trying to live a normal life like going to work and engaging in social activities can help a lot in the recovery process. (Spagnolo, Leduc and Laporta) Also staying around positive people who express love is a good way to help mentally ill people. Having a mental health condition can be an obstacle in conducting duties that support us and our families. The condition impacts different people in various ways. Some of the people who suffer from mental health conditions may never abandon their work; others may be able to conduct only limited work. On the other hand, having a mental health condition can pose some work-related barriers like taking breaks in your career while undergoing treatment. If your mental condition affects your ability to work, one may need to ask for accommodation under an Act.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990(ADA), for example, requires that employers make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Parents with a mental health condition are able to take care of their families but at times they need support from family, friends and health professionals. Children need affection, attention, stability, and guidance. If the mental illness of a parent can interfere with providing those, then the ability to give good parenting can be a hard task. According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness conditions such as depression account for nearly half of all disability among young people between the ages of 10 and 24. 14 to 20 percent of children between the ages of nine and seventeen suffer from severe emotional disturbances, which affects the child's daily life. (Janardhana, Shravya and Naidu) Children can experience a range of mental health conditions like anxiety disorders. Some of the factors that may affect a child's mental health psychologically include; loss of a loved one such as that of a parent, neglect, serious psychological trauma due to something like sexual abuse and poor ability to relate with others.

A mental health condition in children can be a hard task for the parent to identify. Children may develop the same mental health conditions as adults, even though the symptoms may be slightly different. Some of the signs that may indicate mental health condition in children include; changes in behavior or personality, intense feelings of overwhelming fear for no apparent reason which may be accompanied by fast heartbeat, a sudden loss of appetite or frequent vomiting due to eating disorders, drug or substance abuse and sometimes self-injury which may be brought about by suicidal thoughts or attempt of suicide.

Mental health is something that affects all population, both young and old. It is more widespread and is shown that it can manifest itself in a wide variety of different situations both physical and mental. The super-fast technological advancement in the world that we live in today has put in a lot of anxiety and stress thus leading to a state of depression and other physical issues. Although research has shown that healthy living aids in improving both physical and mental health, research also suggests that a person's biological, psychological and social components can play an important role in an individual's mental condition.

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