Paper Example - The fire service department in the United Kingdom

Published: 2023-02-07
Paper Example - The fire service department in the United Kingdom
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The fire service department in the United Kingdom is one of the companies dedicated to giving voluntary training regarding fire safety, floods, protection against terror attacks as well as responding to air attacks. Despite the company primarily focusing on professional workers, gradually, the company has shifted its gears towards equipping and employing community members voluntarily. As a result, this has helped respond to the emergency.

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The company debates on a narrow margin of profits over performance, which has made it attract donations from well-wishers in supporting their training, and expenses. This increases the chances of a quicker response whenever the fire service team is required. Moreover, this extends further support in training people on different means regarding the possible ways in detecting and preventing accident cases, that may turn out to be catastrophic in the near future.

With more than 50,000 people regarded as volunteers in the fire service department, this pose, a greater challenge in maintaining their payroll (Cohen-Hatton, Butler, and Honey, 2015 p.764). This calls for governmental support, and other privet companies to equip the fire service department. Primarily the purpose of the company involving in training individuals is to ensure that in case of emergency in the region, people can respond. This is achieved by following the regulations and procedures, which will reduce the number of casualties. Never the less, this will help save lives and property, which may be destroyed in the process.

The firefighters conduct a series of activities, which includes creating awareness regarding the hazards of fire. This is achieved through visiting schools, communities, and their home. The retained firefighters in the United Kingdom are required to work as part-time in the fire department services. This gives them the ability to work in other organizations, closer to their reporting station. Never the less, the manager of the organizations or firms they are working with, are instructed to release them without any objection when they are needed (Watkins, Hayes, Watt, and Richardson, 2019 p.7). This increases the flexibility of hazardous operations that could turn into catastrophic.


The United Kingdom fire service serves a series of objectives, which are non-profitable to the organization, but rather essential to the public. Through offering quick and responsive services, the public has developed trust and interest in associating with the service, when an emergency occurs. This helps reduce the possibilities of crisis, that may affect a more substantial part of the nation. On the other hand, the objective of the company is to ensure that citizens can sport and communicate regarding any suspicious incident. This includes incidents such as accidents, and fire breakout, which are beyond the community's response.

Their Size and Scope

The UK government is regarded as the overall director of the fire service in the nation. The government oversees most of the functions of the fire service, which includes, planning, and training. As a result, the scope of the firm is conducted across the nation, which gives it a unified and centralized decision-making process. However, with the collaboration of different privet companies and other foreign countries such as France and the United States, they have facilitated research and training programs. These programs have been utilized on safety measures, which has helped the fire services to expand and work effectively. With the vision of the fire service striving to eradicate any deaths caused by fire or poor safety mechanism, the research is determined in educating the public. The purpose and objective are to reduce the chances and possibilities of catastrophic events.


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