The Speaker is Shakespeare Himself - Literary Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-12
The Speaker is Shakespeare Himself - Literary Essay Example
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The problem that is presented in the poem is that the speaker is persuading a friend of his to start his own family so that the beauty that he has can be passed down and live through his offspring.

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We do desire that there be an increase among the beautiful creatures. So as to preserve the beauty of the world. Even if the parents happened to die, the child will continue existing with the beauty. Even though, you are self-absorbed into thinking of procreation, he feeds his own sparkle with the same fuel that portrays in his loveliness. He makes it impossible where it is possible. The young man becomes his own enemy. Even if you seem beautiful for now, it will soon fade away. He is asked to reproduce or be a person that eats away the beauty of the world.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is (abab cdcd efef gg). It is a Spenserian sonnet.

The problem in the poem is posed as an advisory to a young man who is most likely afraid of procreation. The problem has been developed throughout the poem. The author wants the beautiful people to have children so that the beauty can also be appreciated by the future generations. He believes that the young man is just being selfish about his own beauty.

Part Two

This poem also has the Spenserian structure. The structure enhances the theme of the poem as it gives the poem a flow with rhythm to it. Additionally, the Shakespearean sonnet has provided that poetic and still intellectual prowess. There is the unification of meter, imagery, figurative language and even rhyme that have placed the poem as a whole. For that matter, it remains to be the preferred structure.

Amoretti Sonnet 1 by Edmund Spenser

Part One

The poem Amoretti Sonnet 1 was written by Edmund Spenser.

The problem in the poem is that the author, longs for the lady to see that he is sad since she has not accepted his love.

The rhyme scheme that has been presented in the poem is (abab bcbc cdcd ee). It is the Spenserian sonnet.

My work is pleased to be held in your arms. And how she handles those pages determine if she likes the poems or not, which determine his life. With your shinning eyes you will read the happy lines, and you stare at those things that I wrote I sorrow. Even though you came from Helicon all I do write is happy rhymes for you. I have had no happiness or inspiration for a long time, and all I do is write so as to make you happy. I only care for you.

The sonnet is simply a writers emotions, who express his emotions and feelings for his secret love. There are both aspects on how she would react to his poems and he even further expresses that he does not care for anyone else but her.

Part Two

The author of the poem also follows the Spenserian sonnet form. This particular poem structure greatly enhances the theme of the poem, as it states the problem and finally offers a solution to the same problem. On that note, this structure is preferable.

Whoso list to hunt by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Part One

Whoso List to Hunt was written by Sir Thomas Wyatt?

The dramatic situation presented in the poem is that a man hunts for a deer, only that the deer is not really an animal but it is a woman that has been symbolized by the deer.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is (abb aab bac dde ff). The sonnet that the author has used is the iambic parameter. It is followed by five beats after every line.

Who would like to hunt, I know the deer. But as for me, alas, I may not. I have become tired of fruitlessly running after her. Among them, I have come from very far. Yet, I hope that my mind does not become tired. Far away from the deer, even as she runs away from me. I follow faintly. Eventually, I leave. Since I tried holding wind in a net. Anyone that tries to look from her, Id doubt if they would ever get a hold of her. As they will just be wasting their time. Impressed with diamonds, in letters that are plain. It has been written along her neckline. Do not lay your hands on me, for I belong to Caesar. And I am very wild to hold, even though I might seem tamed.

The problem in the poem comes up when a man effortlessly attempts to get a hold of a woman, together with his friends. However, the narrator gets emotional due to the fact that he has been unable to get the woman. As a result of the emotional pain, the man gives up on his pursuits and he even doubts if there would be any man that could be able to get a hold of her as it is evident from the diamonds that are around her neckline that she already belongs to someone else, Caesar.

Part Two

The structure of the sonnet, which is an iambic pentameter, employs one out of a number of rhyme schemes and does stick to the tight structured theme. The structure of the sonnet enhances the theme of the poem as it first presents the problem, and then resolves them. The Petrarchan sonnet is therefore the most preferred as it seems like speech patterns that are ordinary, as it attempts to imitate while at the same time elevating daily conversation sounds.

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