The Walkout Before the Storm - Creative Writing Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-12
The Walkout Before the Storm - Creative Writing Essay Example
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The pressure had become too intense, and the ground felt like it was tilting and James was about to fall on his back. Voices ran through his head, and he was not sure which one of them all was the sound of reason and the voice of evil. The gush in thoughts and emotions that ran through his mind within that short period was enough to make his head feel like it was placed on a grill and the heat turned to max. Everyone seemed to be the enemy, and at the back of his mind, he had the thought that he was losing his mind due to the situation. "I have to get out of here, or else!" James exclaimed before storming out of the house.

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As he stood two feet from the door, the cold night breeze hit him, and he realised he was not wearing a pullover and the weather appeared to become worse due to the sounds of thunder from a distant and the heavy winds that were blowing signifying the onset of a heavy storm. At this point, his mind was made up, and his pride could not allow him to walk back into the house to fetch his jacket. Like a man on a mission, he began walking with his eyes fixated on getting as far away from the scene, which was the house. "How could they? Why?" he kept repeating to himself without coming up with a conclusive answer as to what had just transpired in the house and what was his next course of action. The only thing James was sure about at this point was that he had to leave and wish that there was something better waiting for him ahead. The night was cold, and the walkways were clear since everybody had scampered for shelter since there was an earlier warning of heavy rains overnight.

"How could my brother throw me out after all I have done for him?" James lamented with a deep sigh of anger and pain. After sacrificing the last two years of his life working for his brother Simon and helping him restore his business, he was fired without notice and accused of sabotaging the business for his benefit. He left his parents and friends in the village and flew to travelled to the city to work with his brother who had begun a small manufacturing company, and he needed someone he can trust to oversee the daily operations of the business. Since James was struggling to proceed with his studies due to financial constraints, he saw this as an opportunity to ease the burden from his parents. He was only 22 when he came to the city, and in less than a year he was able to use his creativity and innovation skills to assist his brother to build and establish his business. The difficult conditions back at home made James learn how to work hard since he was 12 years and he had gathered immense knowledge and skills which came in handy in the city. He took the opportunity as a privilege and toiled to ensure he made his elder brother proud since he had full-time employment and was not available to oversee the daily operations of the business.

As brothers, James and Simon have been close since their sister passed on three years ago after due to an illness. James was hosted by his brother in their three bedroomed-house where he was given the guest room since accommodation was expensive in the city. Since the business was a startup and it was not at the stage of reaping profits, James opted to work without a salary for the first year, and he would survive on a small allowance his brother would offer him every week for lunch and transport. After the first year at the company, James had used his skills and charm to attract clients and improve the sales margin for the business while coming up with ideas that ensured the business grew steadily and his brother was very pleased. The two had the occasional disagreements on how to work, but they always came to an understanding. However, what transpired on this time was not anything James had expected.

When James walked into the house on that chilly night after closing late, as usual, he was met with what appeared as the most profound situation he had not perceived since his relocation to the city. He walked in and found his brother seated in the living room leaning forward with his fingers crossed, and he moved back and forth in a thoughtful manner. After closing the door and taking off his coat, Simon sprung out of his seat and shouted, "Why have you been avoiding my calls? I have been trying to reach you for the last 3 hours." James was surprised at the tone of his brother's voice before he could utter a response, his brother continued in what was the beginning of a cold night. "I brought from the village, hosted you, gave you a job, and you repay me by stealing from my business and telling everybody that you are the boss?" "What an ungrateful brother!" Those utterances hit James like a ballistic missile and left him short of words. He was not sure what was the context of the conversation and why he was being accused without being given a chance to speak for himself.

"What are you saying and where is all this coming from?" James was able to get his first response. "Do not try and make a full of me Jamie, this is not a joke and if you were not my brother this conversation would have been different." At this point, James could not comprehend the basis of the argument. Furthermore, he had never witnessed this rageful side of his brother. "I told you it was a bad idea giving him the job, now see what he has done to you" Judy, Simon's wife who was seated holding a glass of wine spoke for the first time since the heated conversation began. For a minute, James stood like he was hit with an epiphany and he stared at his brother then shifted his eyes to Judy as he shook his head in disbelief. That is the moment where all hell broke loose, and his worst fears became a reality. He stared at Judy, and he felt very angered, and the only thing that held him back from exploding was the respect and love he had for his brother despite all he accused him. James could not predict what he was going to do next, but he knew he had to figure something first. Without uttering a word, he turned and stormed out of the house.

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