Essay Sample with the Tips on How to Integrate a New Baby into the Family

Published: 2022-06-21
Essay Sample with the Tips on How to Integrate a New Baby into the Family
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Some emotions are triggered by the incoming of a new baby into a family. This condition is common for both new parents and parents who have other children already. The emotions range from anxiety, joy, fear, and excitement. However, there are some ways that parents can deal with baby blues easily. They include; building a secure bond with the newborn. A secure way of doing this includes reassuring the child of his or her safety when with the parent by attending to the child every time the baby cries, soothing the baby, massaging the baby, smiling at the baby often, singing for the baby and every other action that would make them emotional comfort. Another way of making the baby comfortable has skin to skin contact, especially during breastfeeding. The baby can acquire good cognitive development through such safe environments (Nichols, 2017).

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On the other hand, the other family members have to feel secure and comfortable for the newborn. Hence they too should be prepared for it. This could be done through; keeping the news about the arrival of the baby until when it's a month to the due date. If the family has other children, the parents should assure them that they are important as well. On the other hand, the parent(s) should expect regression, however; good communication is the best way of solving it. Allow the other family members to help in taking care of the newborn whenever they want to. Moreover, when they spend time with the newborn, they create bonding with them which is healthy for the baby (Dr. Klein, 2015).

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Critical stages and sensitive periods of development are critical because they aid a child in achieving a milestone to another one. The sensitive period is when at infancy when the child grows to know that are loved and cared for by their parents which stick in them even when they are adults. The critical period is when the child encounters the outside world and adjusts to the environmental stimuli either positively or negatively (Oswalt, 2018). The biological and environmental issues that can affect the two periods are nutrition, a range of emotions they experience and gender. These are critical in the child's development because they offer a healthy status and well balanced cognitive and psychological nature in the child (Haddad, 2018).


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