Free Essay. Training and Development in Human Resource Management

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay. Training and Development in Human Resource Management
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Training and development are of essential functions of Human Resource Management (Cascio, 2015). Most of organizations in the world focus on training and development as an integral part of HRM activities within their premises. The advancement of technology has resulted in fierce competition, an increase in customer expectations on the quality of products, and the need to lower the cost of goods and services. To attain these issues brought by modern technology into the business sector, the organization needs to ensure employee development to promote professional competence and experience. This paper provides comprehensive information on the analysis of training and development in Human Resource Management.

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Training and Development Analysis

Training and development involve various procedures developed by Human Resource Management to guide in the process and improve efficacy. Developing and adopting a comprehensive employee training and development program is my essential responsibility as a Human Resource Manager. The first step is providing alternative training approaches because people have different learning styles (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2017). The second act is making a personal connection with the trainees to welcome the newly recruited employees into the organization. Thirdly offer many opportunities for the question to promote employee engagement in the training and development program. The last step is providing an option for online learning because modern technology creates convenience in the process of inducting the newly hired employees. The missing step that I can add is to provide supplemental resources to the trainees for future reference.

In the analysis of the training needs of the staff, I will outline the goals and objectives of the organization, assess the specific tasks and jobs to done by the employees and evaluate my skills in conducting the program. I will consider a face-to-face learning style because it creates openness and understanding. Future training and development are impacted by determining the gaps of the employee. After evaluating the skills, individualized instruction and development plans are adopted to create a culture of continuous learning in the organization. The appropriate plan that I can use to shape the behavior of the employees is to develop the necessary organizational culture that encourages effective communication and collaboration within the premises of the company.

Performance Appraisal Analysis

Development of the best practices for appraising the performances of the employees in the organization. It is essential to follow the guidelines provided by the law while assessing the achievements of the staff. First, I will design a legal and valid process for reviewing the performances of all employees. Secondly, I will develop a standard form to fill while undertaking the performance appraisals. The way will include the name of the employee, the date of conducting performance appraisals, the time interval for evaluating the staff, and the responsibilities of the individual worker.

360- Degree feedback is the appropriate performance method for the organization because it creates a continuous communication between the team leaders and the managers (Noe et al. 2017). Also, the 360-degree feedback makes all employees motivated in the organization because it enables employees to appraise the performances of the senior staff and evaluate their abilities. The problems encountered during performance appraisals process include the inability to develop measures that are based on the outcomes and inconsistent rating of employees. It is essential to avoid the problems of performances appraisal by understanding and acknowledging the problem. Also, research and implement the appropriate appraisal tools to ensure consistency while rating the abilities of the staff. The critical components in the HR planning include recruitment, selection, and hiring because they help in improving the performances of the organization as expected by the customers (Cascio, 2015).


In conclusion, training and development is a critical responsibility in Human Resource Management. Most of the organization in the world focus on training and development as an integral part of HRM activities within their premises. The use of technology helps in enhancing the training and development process because it creates efficacy and provides adequate resources through the utilization of internet services. Developing the appropriate organizational culture helps in shaping the behaviors of the employees.


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