Communication Skills Essay Sample: Trump's Effectiveness in the Speech He Gave in Phoenix

Published: 2022-08-18
Communication Skills Essay Sample: Trump's Effectiveness in the Speech He Gave in Phoenix
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The effectiveness of how one communicates is what determines whether the message will be received well and how the audience will react. An effective communicator is capable of delivering a speech that easily excites the audience, and they can capture the message in the address with ease. The speaker must be able to properly connect with his audience in the best way possible to ensure that the message delivered takes the shortest time possible. A good speech connects effectively with the audience, and the purpose of the speaker is achieved. Trump as a speaker was able to master the art of public speaking over the many years he has been a public figure. His rally in Phoenix was by all standards effective, and he achieved his intended goal. The public attended and listened to him, and by how the people were reacting during delivery of speech one could tell that a relationship in the communication process had already been created. For a long time, Trump had been controversial in his statements and at the same time brilliant in how he communicates the message he wants the people of Phoenix included. Several factors and tactics helped in building the effectiveness of his speech in phoenix as discussed below.

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Before his speech in Phoenix, trump had faced protests against him by the people who were utterly opposed to him and his way of doing things. In his speech, he referred to the demonstrations but told the audience that according to the secret service, there were no so many people protesting outside which was not true. It was reported that the number of anti-Trump protesters was high. However, by referring to the secret service, he was able to appear more credible in saying that the protesters were few (Trump 1). People would trust him more by citing the secret service as the source of the information he shared. In public speaking, the source of information offered to the public will determine whether the audience believes it or not. Secret service was mandated to protect Trump, and thus he made people think that the protesters were minimal and safe for him. The tactic was effective since he made the audience believe that those protesting against him were very few and thus he was still popular in America (Coopman et al. 14).

Initially, he faced criticism for his statement on Charlottesville. However, in his speech in Phoenix, Trump repeated what he had said but not entirely. At first, he had blamed all groups opposing each other. In phoenix, he only repeated the part where he condemned the violence but did not delve so much into it intending to discredit those against him as dishonest (Trump 1). Choice of words and what to say in public speaking is crucial in determining how people receive the message. The truth is, he had condemned both sides but knowing very well that it might work against his speech effectiveness, he chooses to say what would make people happy by making them believe he was misquoted by dishonest people. For a speaker to be effective, it is vital for him to say things that will not make the audience angry otherwise he might be forced to cut short his speech. The tactic of telling people what they want to hear was effective for Trump (Coopman et al. 22).

In the Phoenix rally, when Trump is speaking, he moves from one point to another and effectively uses body language in emphasizing his points. He is well known to use facial expressions in his speeches, and in Phoenix it was similar. He uses body language and facial expression when defending himself against the opinion that his ratings were going down as asserted by CNN. Body language and being well dressed helped to build confidence in the audience. Trump was able to use body language appropriately and proper dressing to make people believe in his messages during the Phoenix speech (Coopman et al. 33).

Trump always maintains eye contact in Phoenix rally speech and other places being invited as a public speaker. When delivering his message to the audience, he was able to maintain consistent eye contact with the audience during message delivery when responding to their concerns and questions. Eye contact is a tactic used by Trump and other speakers to create confidence in them from the audience. Eye contact shows that the speaker has confidence with what he is saying. A person who does not maintain eye contact with the audience appears like a liar or weak and is never believed (Coopman et al. 30).

Trump had faced a lot of criticism and negative media coverage throughout his campaigns, the rally in Phoenix included. He was able to overcome all the negative coverage and communicate effectively to the audience in Phoenix and deliver his message. Mastering the art of communicating effectively and tactfully helped him convince the audience to vote for him. A public speaker should tactfully overcome the challenges that come with public speaking to deliver his message effectively. Trump managed to do that in Phoenix tactfully.

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