Free Essay: Vauxhall and Saab Integrated Marketing Communications

Published: 2022-11-07
Free Essay: Vauxhall and Saab Integrated Marketing Communications
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The Vauxhall Nissan Mitsubishi. It is a Britain car manufacturing company. The German manufacturer called Opel owns the company. Vauxhall is one of the oldest manufactures of vehicles as well as distributing company. Is it many based in the United Kingdom (UK). This Vauxhall company usually sales the passenger cars in addition to the light vehicles for commercial purposes. Initially, this company used to sell buses, vans, as well the trucks. The Vauxhall has however been the second selling brands of cars for more than twenty years in the United Kingdom. The main objectives of this were to sell the vehicles. This public was mainly interested in the selling of the vehicles. These included the cars, tracts, among others as it has been mention above (Carlos, 2015).

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The general motors is another type of public owned by the Vauxhall and the Saab organization companies. The GM is an American company. This business organization aims at the following main objectives; this includes the design, manufacturing, and marketing as well distributing the vehicles. The organization also specializes in the vehicle spare parts. Additionally, it is selling commercial vehicles across the world. This company is the leading automobile manufacturing company in the world. The company is also interested in the manufacturing of automobiles mainly for commercial purposes.

The sports wagon Aero. This vehicle which is manufactured by the Saab Company. This vehicle is in the security section. Is manly specialized in the manufacturing and interested in sport based vehicles? However, this model faced a lot of challenges such as competition from other vehicle manufacturing companies.

Another public of the Saab and the Vauxhall is the zombie cars; this species was manufacturing the type of the jaguar x-type of vehicles, which is the most recent model of vehicles from the Saab Company? Additionally, it is virtually right to say that this vehicle is mainly interested in the commercial vehicles for export. The primary objective is this is to manufacture vehicles for sale.

Marketing and communications

The companies use showrooms as the method of marketing. It is very encouraging since the public given permissions to these particular rooms. As a matter of marketing, the showrooms are in such a way that it can accommodate a large number of customers. Similarly, the design is well fitting to the situation. Therefore, the most appropriated marketing channel for the products.

Another marketing channel is the use of promotions and the use of advertising - this quite good enough. The reason is that, with the growth of modern technology, the organizations can for instance post the vehicles on the net. That will make more market since they will be able to reach many customers in distant places.

The appropriate channel of communication for these organizations is the use of direct communication is more trustworthy on the part of customers as well in the side of the customers. This direct communication mainly involves interaction between the buyers and the sales of the vehicles (Schneider et al. 2018). These, therefore, does not involve the use of intermediaries who might at some point hijack the prices of the vehicles which in turn, affects the sales of the company.

Challenges are facing green marketing

The challenges that are faced by the organizations include the following: having the difficult scenarios in managing the marketing communication efforts. Another challenge is the competition by the other motor vehicles marketing companies. That makes the green marketing organization more difficult. Despite the above challenges, the organization has however received massive support from the government and other organizations which is concerns within the environmental protection such as the national environmental organizations. Additionally, the increased taxation on the fuel is also contributing much to the success of the business (MATTA et al. 2017).

I am comparing the effectiveness of marketing and communications of Saab and Vauxhall.

Both organizations have similar key important features; for example, the models feature customer care as well as the specifications. Virtually the two business organizations have a similar layout and the page contents altogether. On the other hand, the Saab has most of the accessories together with the security features which enables the customers to make their cars individually. Unlike the Vauxhall Company where most of its performance based on the aspects of the also essential to mention that both of these organizations have no particular pages dedicated to the green machines. The only thing they have is the mechanical data which is related to ecological management.

Integrated marketing communication will help the organization regarding marketing by advertising and promotions. These provide some useful managers skills on the part of the managers of the organizations. This communication strategy helps in the awareness creation on the part of the customers. The IMC promotes useful information for the increasing the sales in the short term.

In conclusion, the green business is actually on the rise due to increasing concerns on the environmental issues. These give the green business organizations such as the Saab and Vauxhall a better hand. Such organizations should be encouraged and promoted to save and provide a clean and greener environment.


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