Veterans Studies: Reintegration-Life after Service. Paper Example

Published: 2023-03-12
Veterans Studies: Reintegration-Life after Service. Paper Example
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John Scholes is an Ex-Private soldier who served in the US Army for ten years. Scholes admits that military life is different from civilian life because of the experiences they go through during military service. Life in the military is dangerous and demanding. However, adapting to civilian life after the service poses challenges to ex-soldier or military veterans (Cooper et al., 2018). Also, war veterans respond to these challenges in different ways. Besides, readjusting to civilian life is the most complicated part for war veterans. Ex-soldiers have different experiences and passion; therefore, a few find it easy to readjust in civilian life. Veterans who readjust fast to civilian life have their set goals, unlike traumatized ex-military soldiers who find it complicated to readjust (Zogas, 2017). Also, soldiers who find it difficult to adapt to civilian life are said to have developed attitudes, worse war experiences such as attaining injuries during the service.

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John Scholes exhibit signs of what Mike Hay says, 'just trying to find our place' in many ways (Martin & Hays, 2019). Scholes currently is the organizer of a group that gives support to vulnerable children in Chicago. Many of these children African American who lack enough funds to keep them in school. Scholes, after his retirement, formed an organization together with a few ex-soldiers who they served within the military. Scholes had the passion of helping the needy while he was still in the military. Currently, Scholes is studying social work studies because he is aiming at starting the orphanage Centre within the state of Chicago. He believes that the only way to reach out to society is through helping the needy. Also, Scholes and his friends occasionally meet to have fun. However, when he is not in school, he spends more time with his family than friends.

Scholes, in his attempt to readjust and find a place in the community, he has a plan that pursues new goals according to the goal attainment theory. According to Hay, the theory needs one to understand the goals and then implementing (Martin & Hays, 2019). Even though Scholes registered for classes to study social work, he is already implementing his plan because he had understood his goals. Also, Scholes had proposed to his organizational members that they should as well reach out to assist old age people, a plan that they are soon implementing. Through the organization, Scholes and his friends have become members of the society even though they served in the military.


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