Research Paper Example on Gun Laws

Published: 2019-11-25 11:53:26
Research Paper Example on Gun Laws
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Why the Research Question is worthy of Investigation

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On a first account, increased crime rates due to gun use in Colorado are the most common con of law on concealing firearms. In a recent poll, 56% percent of the Americans from Gallup poll showed confidence that hiding carried firearms assure much safety, and this presents a rather worrying trend. What is ideally wrong with this misplaced sense of confidence is that, psychologically an assailant has to hide his or her intentions (Woodward, 1). In a portrayal of the same reasoning, the Right-to-carry laws are linked with significant scaled up rates of, rape, robbery, murder and aggravated cases of violence. It indeed becomes logical that the issue is subjected to research with respect to the grave concerns surrounding the handling of guns by university students who in most cases hide their firearms in a bid to execute the simple kinds of violent attacks. In most cases, the assailants are in full knowledge of whatever they have and still have ample time to strike their vulnerable targets.

History on Evolution of Gun Laws

The evolution of gun laws in Colorado articulate several reviews of the number and extent of amended clauses in the state. It has exposed one of the greatest risks that are unimaginably difficult to shield in proper time frame. An evaluation to the solutions to the risk proposes the fact that police officers who are off duty for instance could carry sizeable guns in their respective packs. Such are a true testament of how the law took effect in Colorado, and has been able to penalize individuals associated with any violent attack as there is a reduction in the handling of guns.

How Prevention Affects Culture

The actual debate about prevention depicts the fact that it is only beneficial when firearms are kept away from individuals unless ones life is threatened. In the end when a review of the past legislations such as Right-to-carry laws is investigated, prevention influences gun-use behavior through instilling a culture of fear, even as an assailant is unarmed (Physician Gun Laws, 1). All laws should view at increasing public safety regardless of the constant advocacy for firearm ownership. A look at prevention also points out to the culture of preparedness as ladies for instance may conceal their firearms away from immediate reach and hence may never find time to fetch them during self-defense.

Impact on American Culture

Another impact on American culture with regard to hiding of the firearms is increased personal safety. The modality instills fear in Americans as one may never know who has a gun, where and at what point. Most Americans can conveniently move about with their concealed sizeable firearms, observe their personal safety and at the same time maintain law and order in cases of provocation. Common sense also drives it clear that the CCW idea becomes flexible for the bearer of the firearm to fundamentally understand where to carry, when and how to respond and what to carry (Harpin, 92). With the provisions of these amendments, the efficiency of gun use is projected to increase, contrary to the exposed firearm that never provides much clue of how well one American culture dictates its use.

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