Essay Example: Why Would People Develop a Phobia of Homosexual

Published: 2020-06-10
Essay Example: Why Would People Develop a Phobia of Homosexual
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There are certain ways in which the society expects people to behave and relate. Gender policy has been a major issue of concern because most people engage in things that are opposite to what are expected of them. Cultural globalization has changed many things and the way people think. This paper will summarize the story Bros before Hos by Michael Kimmel analytically and determine the reasons why people would develop a phobia of homosexual.

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Kimmel explores some of the values and norms that he terms as the guy code. Some of the features of real guys are including the following as summarized by Kimmel; real guys: dont cry, dont get mad, takes things like a man, must have wealth and considers size (pg. 608). Kimmel attempts to compare and contrast some of the expected behaviors from guys. Kimmel compares views of women and those of men on gender issues. Women are aware of their status in the society and they know what the society around them expects of them. Women claim that they dont need to be reminded what they should do or how they should behave at a given time. Kimmel argues that men do not think anything apart from the qualities they feel are expected from them which include; being aggressive, merciless, strong, fearless and being wealthy. To men, these are some of the important values that a real guy should have and if he does not have them then he should work hard to obtain them.

Most of these personality traits claimed by guys that every guy should have comes from their role models. Some of the influential people in the lives of guys include; grandfather, fathers, uncles and elder brothers. all these qualities are right and every society accepts them, but the case now have changed where young men are now engaging in things that society does not accept and appreciate. The question now arises is that, why should people develop some characteristics that society does not accept such as homosexuals. Kimmel explains that homophobia can be the best way to make men distinct from women by inculcating masculine behaviors in them. According to Kimmel, being a gay is not something that the society would accept and if one wants to stay safe and peaceful in the society then he should stay away with things like that. Peers have great influence on the lives of others. Most of young men do things not because they want to impress women or themselves, but because they want to impress their fellow peers. They want to prove that they are also capable of doing what others are doing. Some young men think that doing what majority does is the right thing, but they are lost. It is not what many people do that is right and accepted, but one should think what he wants to do critically before so as to avoid being separated from the rest of the society (Herek, 1984).

Most of young guys like to emulate their fellow men. Women are neglected and views as properties that has nothing to be emulated. This leaves many young people lost because they place their mind somewhere whey they dont even realize that what they are doing is right or wrong.

In conclusion, people should think before they engage in anything. Role models are important part of our lives, however, we should not follow them even when we know that what they doing or saying is wrong. Sometimes it is better to follow few or standalone but on the right side of life rather than following majority and heading to the wrong side where society turns its back on you.


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