Slinical infectious diseases

Published: 2018-05-23
Slinical infectious diseases
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An importance of hospital cleaning

The heath conditions of hospitalized Canadians and their visitors is put at high risks. Reliable insights indicate that the nature of dirty hospitals in Canada makes health institutions a health hazard for a majority of the Canadians. The presence of superbugs, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections such as VRE, MRSA, and CRE amongst others subjects a majority of patients and their relatives to a host of health hazards that have adverse outcomes on the health conditions of patients. Surveys conducted hinted that poor cleaning may account for the reason of the deteriorating degrees of cleanliness for a majority of health institutions. Cleaning in health institutions ought to be conducted with an utmost focus on detail for the sake of the livelihoods of a majority of Canadians. However, it is evident that poor focus on cleaning diminishes the capacities of responding to the needs of Canadian patients. Thus, an ideal way to resolve the challenge would be to call for federal partnerships with health institutions, to ensure that adequate resources are deployed to facilitate better cleaning of health institutions in Canada.

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Outsourcing of critical cleaning services in Canadian hospitals s to blame for the rise in infections contracted in Canadian health institutions. Similarly, the companies outsourced have a poor understanding of the ramifications of poor cleaning practices for health institutions. A better understanding of infections transmitted because of dirt in hospitals would help hospital administrators train better their employees on how to respond to dirt. It is imperative that employees be adequately informed on how to address cleanliness. Outsourcing of cleaning services should only be done to companies that meet the relevant criteria to address the health concerns of patients in Canadian health facilities. The quality of cleaning can only be enhanced if outsourcing of cleaning services is controlled or wholly stopped. The process of cleaning hospitals should not be left as a responsibility of a few individuals that would be incapable of responding to the cleanliness standards. Alternatively, rigorous inspections by hospital administrators may have to be introduced as methods of managing the standards of cleanliness in health institutions.

The disease spread in canadian hospitals

Antimicrobial-resistant pathogens and bloodstream infections rank highest from Canadian institutions. The lists of health threats are increasing on a daily basis, thereby compromising the possibilities of attaining the objectives of the health care sector. A common type of hospital-acquired infection today is MRSA. The infection develops on the skin and is transmitted through skin to skin contact with infected persons or surfaces that they may have touched. Similarly, the C.difficile is spread through skin transmission or from touching the surface after infected persons have come into contact with them. Similarly, the diseases may be spread through direct contact with feces infected with the bacteria.

Poor cleaning and lack of focus on sensitive areas in health institutions have led to the rise of infectious diseases in health institutions. The fact that C.Difficile is easily transmitted via touching of surfaces is evidence of how transmission of infectious pathogens and diseases are spread in health institutions. Cases of C.Difficile infections have notably increased. The fact that the infections are easily spread through contact implies that there will be a significant surge in the number of infections experienced over time. The management of C.Difficile is much more challenging considering that it is hard to mitigate all the sources that may lead to its infection. However, it is imperative that hospital administrators identify reliable ways of ensuring that the cleanliness standards of hospitals are high.

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