Examples of Moral Obligations, Free Essay

Published: 2018-04-04
Examples of Moral Obligations, Free Essay
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People have obligations to other people according to the degree of closeness. We pay particular obligation to people we have close relationships such as friends, colleagues, and our family members. We are always obligated to do more to people we have a close or special relationship. The Second World War demonstrated that when people lose their citizenship, it is very hard to gain their rights. These enabled the countries to understand they have an obligation to protect the future refugees. It is our work to have a moral obligation as our religion imposes and requires us to transition even from the realm of religion to ethics.

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We should not treat relatives in a particular way that is greater than strangers are. These create inequalities, for example, the differences between the welfare and health in developed and the developing countries, which places some people in a privileged position than others. They should give the significance of their wealth to the developing countries to ensure the equality of individuals. Strangers should enjoy our moral support such as our families and friends regardless of the closeness they are. Giving special obligation to some people creates inequality which extends even to employment were people favor their close relatives or even their tribes.

Altruistic motives cause uneven equality between the people as this great disparity between the wealthy and the have-nots. The development tends to take place to areas where those in authorities comes. The development of a country starts to decline as most of the job happens controlled by people with little or without the appropriate knowledge. It causes countries to become unstable hence relying on other nations due to disruption industries providing goods that are essential to the people survival.

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