The Internet as a Medical Support and Information Source, Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-17
The Internet as a Medical Support and Information Source, Essay Sample
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Common Diseases

I choose Tuberculosis (TB) as the disease of interest as it is one of the most common communicable diseases. Although TB is treatable, its treatment process is challenging and takes at least six months. TB Patients are subscribed to take many tablets every day which have unpleasant side effects. Isolation is also a common factor among patient due to the stigma around TB and poor understanding of the disease (Richeldi, 2006). For these reasons, TB treatment necessitates peer support, increased patient knowledge and patient’s social and resource funding. On the internet, I found DailyStrentgh Support Group, a site that offers different information about TB among other insightful, healthy living styles. The site provides an opportunity for the visitor to ask questions which are then answered by various members through a discussion forum. Additionally, members can interact to share their experience with the disease and how they overcame it.

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I found the site being resourceful in discussions posed by various members and visitors which helps in understanding TB. It has information on tests carried out on the disease, symptoms, medical side effects, causes of TB, prevention measures, different types of TBs and how to avoid stigma during and after the disease among other things. One can register as a new member or log in if already registered ("Tuberculosis (TB) Support Groups Online | DailyStrength," 2017). Although the site has various members, it is fairly active and needs more interactions about TB. I found out that some of the participants receive needed replies while others fail to get them. The internet may be one of the best places to look for information about various symptoms as a patient due to its privacy and convenience. However, different challenges are experienced including lack of assurance that the answer is correct, whether the respondent is honest and credible and some views may not necessarily work with everyone facing the same disease due to the metabolic and environmental difference.

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