Apps and Devices for a Health Check - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-20
Apps and Devices for a Health Check - Essay Sample
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Health Check by Devices and Apps

Statistically, the devices and apps that are used for a health check by patients are helping improve better health (Hunigman, n.d). These devices are providing platforms for patients to discuss among themselves. Through this discussion, patients can identify what works for them regarding the medical plans set for them and help them develop confidence in the set medical products and programs.

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These apps have also given practitioners a platform to network and discuss (Hunigman, n.d). This discussion has encouraged innovation in the field of medicine as ideas and expertise is shared. This has led to better health care.

Traditional medicine has long been predisposed to grouping medication through population indexed, issuing same remedies to health cases deemed to be similar (Topol, 2013). That is, medicine has been in the form of one-suit-fits-all. It has proved to be more ineffective as diseases now have different resistance. Still, other factors like the side effects on different patients make it ineffective to administer same remedies for all patients. This traditional grouping of medical services does nothing to better the health of patients. The applications and devices have been designed for individual patients. They focus on specific problems and give specific remedies to the health problems.

Customers Money Value

For some devices and applications, consumers have been forced to dig deep into their pockets without necessarily getting the value of their money (Topol, 2013). This is because medical practitioners still don’t find it necessary to avail things like a patient’s entire genome sequence for medical evaluation. It is due to the traditional generalization of prescription.

The Wellframe applications seek to replace the medical caregivers rather than act as an extension to their care (Topol, 2013). While they may have appeared like an extension of the care by care givers, they are leading a mass shifting from the medical institutions, thus are actual competitors. Coupled with other devices that can perform tests, give test results and offer medical prescription, medical care givers are threatened to be extinct by these Wellframe aps. Also innovation is leading to the upgrading of the Wellframe apps to perform other medical duties other than just acting as reminders. Patients can check medical progress using this aps. The only requirement should be the ability to read and understand instructions. This device also provides a broad range of physiological test that could be done by different practitioners. Thus, it is a completion to the actual physical caregivers. However, this is not entirely. Device applications have also sought to bring caregivers close to the patients and also provided a platform that can accommodate as many as possible (Hunigman, n.d).


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