Free Essay Example. BMC Geriatrics

Published: 2023-05-22
Free Essay Example. BMC Geriatrics
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Flo et al., carry out a study on the implementation of planning strategies in nursing homes, which is then published in BMC Geriatrics. For their research, they use secondary data analysis to identify research gaps and supporting evidence (Miake-Lye et al., 2016. Additionally, it allows the authors to compare previous literature on the subject. The weakness of this article is that it relies on the 2004 Nursing Survey. This data may be irrelevant due to the time difference.

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This article studies the effects of long-term care and how patients can transition from hospitals to nursing homes effectively. The authors are doctors with years of experience in inpatient and outpatient transition care, hospital medicine, and geriatric rehabilitation. The weakness of the article is that the authors received funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Institutes of Health, which could create a bias during the study (Certo et al., 2016).

Prevention of Infections in Nursing Homes

Prevention of Infections in nursing homes is a suitable referencing article due to its relevance. The authors consider research carried out within the last five years hence ensuring it is applicable in the current study (Ghauri et al., 2020). The disadvantage of this article is it relies on secondary data from bodies such as the Centres for Disease and Prevention. Therefore, the authors have no control over the quality of the data.

Influenza-Like Illness Incidence Is Not Reduced By Influenza Vaccination

The authors of the article have a wealth of experience between them in research, hospital medicine, influenza and flu infections, and long-term care of nursing home patients. Therefore, the study is reliable. On the other hand, the review uses an observational cohort study. Thus, problems before the observation period cannot be studied; opinions cannot be questioned while the presence of an observer could influence the results(Dekkers et al., 2019).

Breaking the Chain of Infection in Older Adults.

The authors are experienced in their fields. Mr. Schrank is an assistant professor of medicine, specializing in infectious diseases. Miss Branch-Elliman is a researcher and medical doctor with several publications. Therefore, the authors have adequate knowledge and experience to research the topic; hence, their results are accurate (Etikan, 2016). The study focuses on older generations. Consequently, it is not suitable to generalize the research outcomes for young patients in nursing homes.

Oral Inflammation and Infection and Chronic Medical Diseases

The authors ground their research on previous literature; hence the article is accurate and relevant (Etikan, 2016). The authors consider previous research on oral health, diabetes, neurodegenerative studies, and respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. However, the report only advocates for oral hygiene among patients highly susceptible to pneumonia. It does not offer recommendations on other high-risk patients.


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