Art Essay Sample: Concept Art of Thief

Published: 2019-09-17
Art Essay Sample: Concept Art of Thief
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This work was created in 2014. It shows a scene of the video game, the building is supposedly the government building where the thief is to steal. I saw this picture on a website of Pinterest in summer of 2015. When I saw it, I was attracted to it. The completion of picture and atmosphere are very good. Thief 4 is set in 'The City', a dark fantasy world inspired by VictorSchulten, H-R., and M. Schnitzer. "A state of the art structural concept for humic substances." Naturwissenschaften 80.1 (1993): 29-30.ian, gothic, and steampunk aesthetics. The building is belonging to the government. It fully demonstrates the architectural characteristics of the Victorian, gothic and steampunk style. There are three main reasons that make me think this picture is successful, they arecomposition, atmosphere and the buildings style.

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Firstly, this picture had a symmetrical composition. This picture mainly shows a politician who lives in this government building. He has a lot of power and money, but he is a bad man and the thief wants to steal his money to help poor people. Symmetrical balance is very common in government buildings, like the United States Capitol in Washington D.C., the Taj Mahal etc. Symmetrical balance is used to convey a sense of formality, order, rationality, and permanence (Lamp, Lucy). I therefore find it that this composition shows the majesty and order of the government building sufficiently. Symmetrical composition is reflected in many places. The building itself is symmetrical. There are two similar buildings on the both sides of the middle part of the building. It is also has arched windows on the middle part of the building. Besides the black door, there are four cylindrical pillars on the middle part of the building. These elements constitute a balanced composition of this picture.

Secondly, the atmosphere is successful. The main color of the picture is dark. This shows the building's mysterious, dark, gloomy and dark secret. As a good concept, an art picture should show the movies or video games what they want to show. This video game is set in 'The City', a dark fantasy world, which is dark, mysterious, corrupt and poor. This picture fully shows the atmosphere of the city with its dark color and high contrast. From the picture, we can see that the building is darker while the sky is lighter. These bring a high contrast to the picture, they are also better in showing the buildings outline, in outstanding the building, making us to see more of the buildings detail.

Thirdly, the buildings style is successful. The building not only shows the majesty and dark side of the government building but also combines different architectural styles like Victorian, gothic and steampunk, showing the audience a different unusual world. We can see that the triangular roof-top, pillars and patterns are from the Victorian style, the shape of the windows, doors and the body of the middle part rectangular building are from the gothic style, the pillars on the roof-top and the color of the building are from the steampunk style. It fully shows a different world from the real world. Most of modern architecture lacks culture and beautyand they are everywhere, but the painter lets us see a new architecture style which we cant see in reality world, so I think this is a good building style that we can learn from. The building helps improve the intensity of the game and brings more thrill and excitement to the gamer controlling the thief to steal from the rich politician.

I think this picture will be remembered. Thief 4 has a lot of game players since it has been published from 2014 to now. Most reviewers praised its stealth gameplay, level design, graphics, and replay value, but when we only view this picture without the video game, it is also successful. There are many advantages, like composition, atmosphere, detail and texture. But the main thing we can learn is how to skillfully combine some architectural elements to make a picture more intriguing, arousing feelings of the viewers. The painter did very well.

I think this picture is successful. The composition, atmosphere and building style are very well since they create a sensation of heroism to the video game players. It gives people a feeling of being there. It uses Symmetrical composition and three point perspective, these make the building look monumental. Atmosphere makes it very real and vivid. The building style shows people a different world, gives people a fresh feeling. The details are also captivating, windows shape, pillars shape and pattern both look meticulous. The texture is great in showing the material of buildings, ground, cloud and mist. Overall, this picture has lots of strong points, and these points make it successful.

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