Essay Sample Describing the Group Proposal Experience

Published: 2022-05-06
Essay Sample Describing the Group Proposal Experience
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Discuss and summarize your group proposal experience

The experience of the group proposal was excellent. Working as a group is the best thing you can do if you aspire to progress in whatever activity you want to undertake. Our group comprised of committed and dedicated members. First, there was an overflow of ideas from members. The main way we used to get the necessary ideas for our agency was through brainstorming. The proposal also enabled us to take our roles and responsibilities. Every member was assigned a task that he/ she would carry out throughout the process. We ensured that the mission and vision statements are stated clearly. The proposal contained the goal and objectives of the agency as a group.

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What role(s) did you see yourself in as a group participant?

My role in the group was as an information processor. I had carried out a background check and research concerning the agency that we had wanted to form. Therefore, I was in a better position to guide and direct others especially on goals of our group. I advised the group members that for us to achieve the purpose as a team we must put into consideration some factors like efficiency, morale, generation of better ideas, and collaboration. When the group members had difficulties, they would always consult me for clarification and direction. Mostly, I would propose tasks, or goals. Due to the experience I had, I would help the group to identify the inside problem, give suggestions and procedures for getting the task accomplished.

What roles did others in your group take?

There was a group member who took the role of a blocker. He was responsible for practical considerations. We assigned him to be the time keeper. His main role was to ensure that all the group members adhere to time keeping especially during meetings. He initiated rules that reminded us to keep time. He came up with time structure, that is how many times we were supposed to meet in a month, the venue of the meeting and the date. On the other hand, he was a blocker, although not aware of his position because no one would tell him about it. He would overlook at other group members opinions. He had a problem cooperating with other group members. He was always ready to disagree and oppose ideas of other people. The member would stubbornly resist the group's wishes for his reasons. His principal aim was to bring the group's progress down His opinion and idea was supposed to be, final and this would result in confrontations between him and other members of the group.

The group could not miss a dominator. He was a member with a strong personality. Often she had an urge to take control of all the group details. Although she possessed a brief contest of power, she would give other group participants to take care of grunt work for the agency as long as we did what she wanted. The dominator was in charge of budget and budget narrative. Having a diploma in economics placed her in a better position to oversee the budgetary process of the agency. She was the one responsible for carrying out group presentations, training of volunteers. She overtook everybody in the group and was in charge of the group. She helped the group achieve its goals.

Then there was a group coordinator. We appointed her as a group chairperson. From the first day we met, she exhibited excellent interpersonal skills and knew the art of communicating effectively with team members. She played an important role to ensure the progress of the group. She was in charge of clarifying goals and group's objectives. She would also allocate roles, responsibilities, and duties of the group. She was also in charge of publicity of the group. She helped the group to identify appropriate channels in which we could make our agency familiar to the public.

Discuss the positive impact this experience had on you.

First, by being a group member, it helped to achieve more by acquiring skills through the ideas that we shared. I have the capacity of working with other people despite their backgrounds. The group experience imparted to my leadership skills, and I can now efficiently communicate because I gained interpersonal skills. I also acquired knowledge to run an agency that is the requirements regarding personnel, funds, objectives, and the mission.

What would you do differently as a group participant?

Sometimes, disagreements would ensue during the sessions. There were times when the group could not reach a consensus. If given another chance, I would assist to reconcile disputes and reduce tensions by getting people to know and explore their differences. Confrontations were the leading challenge that we faced. The collisions resulted in conflicts among the group members, therefore, hindering the progress of our proposal. So I would take a role of being a harmonizer by attempting to reconcile the disagreements, reducing tension and getting the members to explore their differences.

Overall discuss what you learned as a group participant.

I learned that if you want to achieve more in life, then work as a group as per the saying that if you want to want to reach far, walk with others. People can work together despite their differences in personalities. I learned to handle people with different characters, recognizing their efforts and tolerating their weaknesses and strengths. The group enabled me to work and relate well with people from different backgrounds and who are not in my circle of friends.

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