Essay Sample: Effects of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Published: 2018-01-21
Essay Sample: Effects of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado
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Research question

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What measures will the government of Colorado need to take to curb marijuana consumption among its citizens?


After marijuana legalization in Colorado, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals using the drug, which is attributed to the fact of the law granting every citizen their due freedom and their self-determination right (Caulkins, Lee, & Kasunic, 2012). A solution which will focus on addressing the social issue has been proposed by the government and entails passing laws preventing the sale of the drug to individuals, while clearly outlining the consequences for those found engaging in the activity.

Effects of legalizing weed in Colorado

Annotated Outline

Subject: The government of Colorado has made legal the general utilization of Cannabis from its people. This legitimization has turned into the sympathy toward the Colorado state since the state is confronting challenges by the marijuana utilization frame its masses. (Roffman, 2013)

I. Introduction

A. Inside Colorado, Legitimization of Marijuana has turned into a genuine concern.

B. In 2012, seventeen proposition as respects to the legalization of Marijuana in various states of U.S. had been expounded in details. (Jonathan P. Caulkins, 2013)

C. Research Question:

What measures will the government of Colorado need to take to curb marijuana consumption among its citizens? (Roffman, 2013)

D. Thesis

1. How much the legalizations of Marijuana will affect the state?

2. What will be the effects of legitimizations of Marijuana in Colorado?

II. Problem: Sanctioning of Marijuana is bringing on the number of healing center visits, pet poisonings, deaths, lab blasts, and school suspensions inside Colorado.

A. The number of examines has uncovered that various drivers testing has turned out to be certain for Cannabis. The positive drivers testing has expanded hundred percent from the year 2007 to the year 2012. (RT, 2015)

B. The Movement fatalities have been ascended to an aggregate of five hundred in one year. (RT, 2015)

C. The extensive number of youthful people of the age of twelve to seventeen are utilizing marijuana as a part of the substantial amount. (RT, 2015)

D. The crisis clinic visits related to Pot have mounted by fifty-seven percent inside two years, by 8198 in the year 2011 and 12,888 in the year 2013. (RT, 2015)

III. Causes of Issue

A. The beginning reason for the legitimization of Cannabis inside Colorado State is the approval from the law about its general use from masses. (HEALY, 2014)

B. On 6 November of the year 2012, individuals in Washington and Colorado vote for making legitimate the general utilization of marijuana from masses. This authorization of Pot is the real reason for sufferings or issues of marijuana since it approves the general population to make utilization of cannabis and they confront challenges after its use. (HICKENLOOPER, 2014)

IV. Potential Arrangements

A. The beginning answer for marijuana legitimization concern is its disallowance. The government ought to make the law to preclude its utilization and deal.

B. Another arrangement can be the forbiddance of heading to people when they have devoured the cannabis so mishaps can be minimized and movement concerns can be settled.

C. Another arrangement is to disallow the cannabis use and deal to the adolescents so that training of the understudies can't get affected.

D. The hugest answer for the marijuana concern is the inspiration to individuals. The legislature can inspire the general population for not expending cannabis through advising its damages to them and in addition to society and the country.

E. One more arrangement can punish the general population who have act mischievously or do any perilous assignment after weed use. This arrangement has been used inside Colorado, for example, through suspending the understudies from schools who were expending weed and don't perform legitimately inside the class.

V. Conclusion

A. Legalization of Maryjane has affected the people of Colorado in a substantial range through mischances, preoccupation examinations, and references for the general population use and also referrals from schools. (Roffman, 2013)

B. There are some arrangements, for example, punishing the general population who complete dangerous things, for example, mishaps after weed utilization. This arrangement is being used being used in Colorado. This arrangement can diminish the pot utilization among masses. (Roffman, 2013)

C. The law (Revision 64 inside Colorado) as respects to cannabis authorization ought to be modified to forbid its use and get free from its unconstructive and risky effects. (Roffman, 2013)


HEALY, J. (2014, May 31). After 5 Months of Sales, Colorado Sees the Downside of a Legal High. Retrieved from:

This article portrays the perspectives of the predominant officers of the Colorado as respects to authorization of Maryjane inside their state. One creator, Brian Vicente, of Correction 64 inside Colorado says that "Each real establishment said this would be repulsive and prompt to brutality and blood in the roads." This announcement portrays that the Colorado is confronting the extraordinary troubles from the sanctioning of the drug Marijuana.

Jonathan P. Caulkins, M. A. (2013, January 11). Marijuana Legalization: Lessons from the 2012 State Proposals. Retrieved from:;jsessionid=8F3C36DE85E214413947A25DFE508E73.f03t04

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