Healthcare Marketing Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-08
Healthcare Marketing Essay Sample
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Loyal customers end up spending a significant amount of money to take care of their health. For this case, the healthcare organization earns revenue. Customer loyalty is beneficial to the health institution because it understands the needs of the customers and designs various health plans that will benefit the patients. According to Chahal (2008) using provider again for same treatment (UPAS), using the same provider again for different treatment (UPAD), and referring providers to others (RPO) can measure patient loyalty. The first approach measures patient's willingness to reuse a service that was offered earlier. The second one measures the level of patient satisfaction, and the third evaluates positive referrals from patients. The three methods are appropriate for measuring customer loyalty and can be improved to meet the needs of the customers.

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According to Chakraborty and Majumdar (2011), customer satisfaction in the healthcare setting can be measured in a myriad of ways. The most popular include the Tunisian Measurement Scale, which measures patient satisfaction based on seven variables such as nursing care, reception, information, hygiene, comfort, and food service. The next model is the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS). It measures patient satisfaction with quality care. This method is an internationally validated tool. The third approach is the Taiwan Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI), which measures patient satisfaction n using customer expectation, perceived quality, overall satisfaction, and loyalty.

The three examples of recovery marketing strategies include customer recovery, process recovery, and employee recovery (Michel & Johnston, 207). All the three approaches are similar in that their primary focus is to revitalize the services of an organization. The only difference between them is that one strategy caters for the reestablishment of customer satisfaction, the next one focuses on learning on failures to prevent from reoccurring again, and the third approach deals with the preparation of employees to deal with failures.

Pleasant View Family Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario offers a product mix to their customers that consist of hot packs, crutches, foot massagers, walkers, wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, and canes. According to the products offered it is possible to add additional products such as orthotic and prosthetic devices. The possibility of including the products is because Pleasant View Family Health Centre focuses on providing assistive devices to families; therefore, it is essential for the administrators to add other services to attract more customers.


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