Free Essay. Jack Ma Keynote Speech Presentation at Gateway Canada

Published: 2023-03-20
Free Essay. Jack Ma Keynote Speech Presentation at Gateway Canada
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Jack Ma Keynote Speech at Gateway Canada ( is an excellent example of an organized presentation (Alibaba Group, 2017). The presentation was well-planned and organized. This is evident due to the following reasons. The speaker looks very confident while delivering the presentation. Jack Ma enters the stage with confidence, greets the audience and asks them to have their seats. He uses a good attention-getter to capture the audience's focus and engage them continually throughout the speech. The passion with which the speaker expresses his points is stunning. It shows that the speaker was well prepared and eager to deliver the speech at that time (Popczynski et al., 2016). Apart from that, the speaker shows the dynamic knowledge of the topic being discussed. The way in which Jack Ma presents the speech shows that he is well-versed with the content of the speech. This shows that he was well prepared for it. Moreover, the speaker used an excellent presentation style such as the application of gestures, facial expression, eye contact, and good posture to enhance the presentation (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). The presentation is generally clear and on point. The voice tone is excellent and audible enough for the audience in the room. The speaker's dressing code is lovely and presentable. He speaks with ease and morale showing that he was well prepared for the presentation (Popczynski et al., 2016). The presentation is precise and focused on the topic. There is a touch of humor in the presentation to keep the audience engaged and active in listening to the presentation. The speaker looks brave and composed. He uses relevant stories and examples to drive his points home.

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The visual aids properly complemented the presentation. The original photographs of Jack Ma as he entered the podium, set a sound stage for his speech. The pictures are of high quality with beautiful transitions creating a good flow of the events. Jack Ma used storytelling to explain his points. If I was to speak in his place, I would use relevant slides to present the relevant examples to enhance visual appeal to the audience. Apart from that, I would deliver my presentation within twenty minutes to help maintain constant engagement with the audience without making them feel tired.

Possible Speech Presentation Issues and How to Overcome Them

Delivering a presentation smoothly without issues boosts the listeners' attention and makes the presentation viable. The following are the possible issues one may face with regard to delivery and how to overcome them.

First, one may lack the proper preparation for the presentation. The lack of enough preparation to deliver the speech is one of the most occurring issues with regard to delivering the speech. It happens when the speaker fails to spare enough time to plan for the presentation (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). As a result, they end up having inadequate opportunities to identify the possible mistakes that they may possibly make during the presentation and plan for their rectification early enough. The speaker who does not prepare well to deliver the speech may likely feel nervous during the presentation due to a lack of adequate information concerning the matter under study (Popczynski et al., 2016). However, one can overcome this issue by doing the following. First, they should have a useful preparation planning checklist to help them ensure they exhaustively do enough preparations for the presentation on time. In addition to that, one ought to spare enough time to prepare for the occasion. They should ensure they have a proper mastery of the material they would use during the presentation. Moreover, they should have enough time to decide how they would do everything when the time for delivery comes.

The second issue may be the lack of familiarity with the venue and equipment to be used during the presentation. When the speaker fails to familiarize themselves with the venue and equipment, sometimes, they may find out that the projector is not compatible with the laptop they ought to use, or any other pressing issue (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015). As a result, the slides they prepared for the presentation may go to waste since they may have no other available alternative to make up for the incompatibility. The speaker can overcome this issue by taking the time to familiarize themselves with the venue and equipment that are available, especially before the time reaches when they should present.

Third, the speaker may use inappropriate content during the presentation. The main reason for presenting is to share information to the intended audience (Popczynski et al., 2016). Therefore, it is crucial to consider the level at which the speaker should pitch the presentation. The use of too much jargon may hinder the understanding of the audience. Apart from that, the speaker may also talk about what is already known to the audience, thereby passing no new information to them. The speaker can overcome this issue by doing proper research on what the audience already knows, and what they should know, and then determining how to deliver the speech with regard to the level of knowledge of the audience (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). The speaker should also know what motivates the audience to enhance engagement during the presentation.

Fourth, the speaker may use ineffective visuals while delivering a speech. For example, when the speaker uses poor slides during the presentation, the speech may not conform perfectly to the expectations of the audience. Slides with fonts that are too small to read, garish colors, or unnecessary animations may spoil the presentation (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015). The speaker may overcome this issue by spending adequate time making proper slides that are consistent, concise, and not flashy. The speaker may also consider choosing high-quality pictures and graphics to enhance better visibility and make the speech more presentable during delivery.

Moreover, another issue may be incoherent speaking during the presentation. Speaking to the audience is one of the most challenging practices (Beatty & Pascual Ferra, 2015). A time, the speaker may be nervous that they rush through the presentation leaving the audience with no crucial points. However, the speaker may overcome this issue by applying the deep breathing technique to avoid the urge to rush through the presentation. Sometimes the speaker may start babbling words due to nervousness. At that point, they should breathe deeply and try to enunciate words succinctly to become apparent in the speech.

Furthermore, the speaker may avoid eye contact with the audience creating a disconnection between them. This may happen when the speaker spends all of the presentation time looking at the notes, the floor, the screen, or even the ceiling (Beatty & Pascual Ferra, 2015). Eye contact establishes a personal connection to the audience and enhances better engagement during the presentation. When the speaker avoids eye contact with the audience, this connection is broken and the audience may lose focus on what the speaker conveys to them. The speaker should overcome this issue by making eye contact with individuals in the audience (Popczynski et al., 2016). If the audience is too broad, then the speaker may consider looking at the people's foreheads to create the impression of eye contact.

How to Speak to Both the Audience in the Room and the Monitors

Since the speech will be teleconferenced, the speaker needs to consider the dress code. She should wear very nice and presentable clothing to make an ethical appeal both to the audience in the room and on monitors. In other words, there is a particular way of dressing and acting during this presentation (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). Dress in business casual, bright, and solid colors to enhance better visibility to the audience in the monitors. Apart from that, she should not bother the production staff or the host of the event while delivering the speech (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015). For example, she should not ask the production staff questions while they are busy capturing the presentation or ask for autographs during commercial breaks as this may tamper with the flow of their work.

The speaker should address both the audience in the room and on monitors amicably with clarity and simplicity (Popczynski et al., 2016). The speaker should maintain eye contact with the audience both in the room and in monitors. This would be possible if she not only reads the notes but also looking into the camera used for capturing the presentation. The eye contact would enhance better engagement between the speaker and the audience (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015). Apart from that, she should have a clear articulation. She should speak well by enunciating words clearly, being audible enough for the audience to hear, and use proper grammar while speaking. She should avoid using too many verbal crutches such as "um" or "eh" because they reduce the performance during the presentation. In addition to that, the speaker should engage the proper presentation style while delivering the speech (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). The proper presentation styles include proper timing, facial expression, vocal tone, and body language. The use of gestures can help the speaker to express the point clearly and boost their morale and confidence while delivering the speech. A right presentation style can make a boring speech to be more exciting (Baccarani & Bonfanti, 2015).

The speaker should use electronic media appropriately to enhance the speech in the following ways. She should maintain eye contact with the audience in the monitors by looking into the camera used to capture the presentation. This should happen through glancing at the camera while reading her notes and explaining essential points. By focusing on the camera, the speaker will be able to maintain good eye contact with those following the presentation through teleconferencing (Beatty & PascualFerra, 2015). In addition to that, the speaker should also ensure a nice transition of slides between events during the presentation (Popczynski et al., 2016). The way slides are displayed really matters a lot. The speaker should, therefore, ensure that the slide show is well arranged and managed to make an excellent appeal to the audience.

An Outline of a Persuasive Presentation

My persuasive speech presentation outline is as follows: The attention-getter, an opening statement that grabs the attention of the audience. It is based on what motivates the audience to enable them to remain concentrated throughout the rest of the presentation. This is followed by the thesis statement expressing the purpose of my speech. Then the speech proceeds through reasons and supporting examples. Lastly, the speech ends in a definite conclusion, which sums up all the arguments in a robust and organized point.


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