Milk Consumption Is Harmful - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-13
Milk Consumption Is Harmful - Essay Sample
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There have been claims that milk is the source of calcium and other nutrients. Little is known about calcium from milk not being absorbed and can be accompanied by various health problems. Therefore, its healthfulness depends on the type of consumption, For example, pasteurized milk may be high in proteins but have a low-fat level with unnecessary additives which can severely affect the health of an individual negatively. Therefore, the thesis is based on the question of milk being harmful with the support drawn from my personal experience.

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My experiences with milk started six months ago when I realized that I was growing weak, having digestion problems, I also started acquiring various infections due to my weak immunity and realized that I was at risk of getting cancer. My skin also started breaking out, a situation which made me conclude that I would not ethically continue with my habit of eating milk and its associated products.

In consideration of my personal experience, I believe milk is harmful based on the associated difficulties during digestion. The first observation to support the claim was on my body lacking the particular enzyme that digests milk. I was diagnosed with low lactase content hence the predicament. The second observation was on the frequent vomits of undigested milk products. The condition made me lose a lot of water and grow weaker. The third reason is based on the excessive fat content which may be rejected by the body. The mentioned was observed through fats deposits which were noted in my arteries.

Milk equally has many contaminants hence may lead to various health complications. The first evidence is based on the observations drawn from the dioxins which refer to a highly toxic compound realized as a result of certain manufacturing processes. Much of the milk which I consumed had little content of dioxins but they gradually accumulated. The other reason is on the associated immune, reproductive and the nervous system complications. The complication was observed when my immune system could not resist various infections. The other evidence to support the toxic nature of milk is based on the Parkinson's disease for men. I suffered from the disease due to the weakness in the bones and the central nervous system.

Milk also causes allergies, sensitivity, and intolerance. At some point, I began to diarrhea and had itching body occasionally. Diarrhea and itches stopped a week later after quitting milk. The next justification was on the inflammations observed throughout my body. Some were of sinus congestions, migraines, and the acne flares. The third evidence was also observed from my experience on the development of conditions such as eczema and asthma. Occasionally, I would also suffer from pneumonia. These conditions made me weaker and prone to diseases.

Even though the arguments drawn from my case exist, some people believe that milk consumption is helpful to the body. The argument is inclined to the fact that milk is a great source of Vitamin D, Calcium and potassium. The other supportive observation is on the fact that some people have proper visuals and strong bones, unlike my earlier claims. They also observe that those who drink milk will have rare complications in cases of falls, it is because of the point that the elderly are encouraged to take milk based on the potassium level. Even though the opposing view exists, there is lack of actual evidence to back the claim, unlike my case where most of the arguments were drawn from my experience. I also opine that milk may contain a few health benefits but the associated complications as noted in my case overrules the benefits.


In summary, milk is harmful based on the various observations draw from my case. They include; difficulty in digestion, high level of contamination and the possibility of development of allergies, sensitivity and intolerance. Those opposing the view incline their argument to milk helping in boosting the level of vitamin D, providing potassium and calcium. Even though the claim exists, milk contains many negatives as opposed to the positives based on my personal experience.

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