Speech Essay Sample: Reducing the Age Limit for Licensed Drivers

Published: 2022-03-29
Speech Essay Sample: Reducing the Age Limit for Licensed Drivers
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To our teachers and my fellow students, good afternoon. This afternoon I would like to address an issue that many people gloss over and fail to see the logic and facts that support as well as those that oppose it. The time I have to talk about this issue of personal interest is adequate to convince as many people as possible that even the fourteen-year-old teenagers also stand a chance at driving themselves to wherever they go.

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First and most importantly, the increasing child abduction cases, contributed to by children being picked by strangers in school can be solved by the reduction of age limit for licensed drivers. In cases where parents are so busy at work and may not have the chance of picking their children from school, strangers may get the chance of cheating such children to accept lifts to their houses. Reducing the age limit for licensed drivers will make more teenagers be driving to school and being safe from people who would cheat them with a lift only to abduct them. For example, cars are nowadays cheap, and parents can easily afford them for their children to go to school and stop asking for or being lured with lift in stranger's cars.

Secondly, the current age limit for licensed drivers encourages unlicensed drivers to take to the road and cause accidents. If teenagers below the age of fifteen cannot get the chance of being trained to become drivers, there is a possibility that such teenagers may take their parent's cars once in a while to train. Such teenagers may decide to take to the streets of Vancouver and end up causing traffic or even accidents. An example that supports licensing drivers at the age of 14 is that once a person becomes a licensed driver, he or she is well acquainted with the traffic rules and is obligated to keep such rules.

Lastly, one of the ways through which reckless driving needs to be reduced is by increasing the period with which one gets the driving experience. At eighteen years, a person ought to be looking for employment and getting committed to working. At that age, one hardly has the time to go on road trips to gain the driving experience they need. When the driving age limit is lowered to 14, one has the chance to train driving adequately and drive for a couple of years before hitting the road at 18 years as she or he goes to work or meetings. An example that needs to be used in supporting the lowering of driving age limit is the reported reckless driving that is caused by lack of experience in deriving and in using the road according to the traffic rules one is taught at a driving school.

As I conclude my presentation to you, I hope every one of you realizes that the three points presented are the most basic in supporting lowering of driving age limits, though the most important and authentic is addressing the issue of accidents caused by reckless driving and safety of children. The three points discussed in this paper include increased of chance for practice and development of driving skills, reduced exposure of the children to an illegal abduction and increased time for gaining experience. The issue of lowering the legal driving age limit is an important issue, especially in this era that technology has increased the efficiency and creativity in the Automobile Industry.

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