Essay Sample on the Rise of Consumer Society: Department Stores

Published: 2022-09-09
Essay Sample on the Rise of Consumer Society: Department Stores
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Department stores refer to extensive retail outlet that offers a variety of goods which are arranged based on their line. Notably, these organizations are known as departmental stores since the companies arrange the products in different departments that are centrally managed by the top management. Whereas departmental stores are still prevalent today in large cities, it is important to note that they earned popularity towards the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century. The fact that these forms of retail business emerged during the late 1800's and are still prevalent today implies that they had a significant impact in consumerism, hence the reason why it is essential to engage in the analysis. Arguably, consumer freedom which is a common trait amongst most clients today was developed from the invention of the departmental stores, as they provide the consumers with an opportunity to sample different types of good before making the final decision. Moreover, the fact that the departmental stores offered their clients with a chance to purchase products in huge volumes implies that it shaped the current consumer society, and that is because it is common for people to engage in bulk purchases in the modern society.

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The Aspects of the Departmental Stores that helped in the Definition of the newly emerged Consumer Society

The emergence of the departmental stores led to new influence and practice in the retail world, hence the reason why this section of the paper analyses some of the common departmental store's aspects that helped in the creation of the modern consumer practices. First, large volumes of sales which emerged at the departmental stores is one of the common elements that have ensured a successful definition of contemporary consumer practices. Whereas most people used to visit smaller retail outlets to purchase their goods in small packages, the introduction of the departmental stores in the country changed the whole experience, as people had the opportunity to find all their needs under one roof, thus making it simple to engage in collective shopping (Gopnik 92). Therefore, it is realistic to state that this has helped in the definition of modern consumerism since it is common for people to visit retail stores with an interest in purchasing their favorite goods in bulk. Moreover, the fact that the departmental stores introduced large volume sales idea is the reason why modern consumers are engaging in bulk shopping since it ensures that they save money compared to purchasing goods in bits.

Second, the liberal shopping idea that is present when dealing with departmental stores is yet another possible aspect that can define the current consumer society. It is essential to state that before the emergence of the departmental stores, customers were required to place their order after which the attendants who collect the goods for the consumers. However, the introduction of the departmental stores introduced a new idea, and that was that the consumers could walk around the stores and select their favorite goods. Arguably, the fact that the buyers have the freedom to choose their favorite product at the department implies that they have freedom, and that is common in the current society. It is right to state that modern consumers have more independence compared to those in the past, and the emergence of the departmental stores shaped this.

There are chances that a buyer can choose to purchase one brand at the departmental stores and decline the other, as they are the ones who pick their favorite product and place on the shelf. The fact that departmental stores led to the current consumer freedom behavior implies that they are influential (Thomson 21). Additionally, the central location aspect of the departmental stores also reflects its influence on current consumer behavior. Arguably, the departmental stores business ensured that most consumers believed that the best companies are those that are located in big cities and at the central location, as that proves that they are competitive. Therefore, it is also common for consumers in the present world to focus on shopping in big cities, as they believe that in big cities is where they will find the right quality. Therefore, it is also common for investors to launch their companies in large cities and at a central location today, as that is the most strategic place that will ensure that the company manages to attract more clients.

Modernity Aspects present in the Departmental Store's Design and Selling Tactics

Whereas the departmental stores earned popularity towards the end of the nineteenth century, the truth is that they still have a lot of similarities with modernity. First, the departmental arrangement of the items in the stores is one of the first examples of similarities between the departmental stores and modernity. Whereas that arrangement and design were common during the nineteenth century, all large retail outlets are still applying the use of departments for various reasons. Arguably, it is much easier for retail outlets to achieve customer satisfaction through this segmentation, as it ensures that it is easy to find the goods that they are looking for to buy. Moreover, another notable similarity between modernity and departmental stores is that they both have common management even though they are working separately, as that ensures that there is no confusion in the stores (Whitaker 17). Moreover, another similarity between the two is that they both have a common cashier although the departmental division is also present. Whereas there are many situations where companies have tried to create different cashier's vacancies for all the involved departments, the truth is that they will face financial challenges that might lead to bankruptcy.

Second, the fact that both the departmental organizations and modern enterprises engage the use of discount sales implies that they also have common selling tactics. The application of the right selling tactic is one of the possible means that a company can achieve prosperity, hence the reason why the first departmental retail outlets decided to offer their clients with discount services. It was important that the cashiers should mark regular customers so that they could earn discounts after reaching a particular target. Whereas that started during the departmental store's era, it remains popular even in the modern business practice, and that is because all retail outlets offer their clients with discount services. The contemporary application of discounts services remains achievable through the use of a membership card which records regular visitors at the company. The fact that the application of discount services which was common during the nineteenth century is still present implies that the departmental stores are the ones who influenced the success of the current businesses.

Third, the departmental stores in the late nineteenth century attached gifts on some goods to lure customers to purchase the products, and that is also a common practice in the modern world. Arguably, the fact that the retail industry has remained competitive for a long time is why departmental stores started attaching gifts on their goods to attract more clients. Arguably, there were high chances that a new product will earn recognition in the industry if it is attached to another gift, hence the reason why the stores managed decided to implement that idea. Notably, the truth is that new sectors are still applying a similar practice in their business operation, as they also intend to attract more customers. For instance, it is common to come across situations where supermarkets attach other products on their new goods, as that implies that they will advertise it to many people. The attractive appearance design is yet another obvious factor that exists in both eras. Whereas most people believe that the main reason for uniformly arranging the products is meant to ensure that the clients easily find what they need, it is crucial to mention that it is also for attractiveness. There are increased chances that customers will find it is entertaining to shop in an attractive store unlike when they have to conduct their shopping in a disarranged outlet. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why retail outlet's managers must ensure that they have the right arrangement display for the customers.

How Departmental Stores have created new Experiences, new ways of Looking and Display and, new ideas of Shopping as a way of Entertainment

First, it is right to state that departmental stores have created new experiences as a way of entertainment since the buyers are now allowed to engage in window whopping without buying anything at the shop, hence implying that they enjoy the view of the new items at the stores. Whereas most retail outlets were strict before the emergence of the departmental stores and would not allow people to walk around without buying anything, the rise of the stores was a change in the industry (Zukin 6). Now it is evident that people are allowed to walk inside retail outlets such as the departmental stores and supermarkets, thus confirming that shopping is yet another form of entertainment that most businesses are applying today. The fact that someone can even spend an hour inside this retail outlets when just admiring at the new products and innovation implies that they are engaging in entertainment.

Furthermore, the departmental stores introduced the new shopping method that is also proving as a form of entertainment, as now it is possible for people to purchase all their products under one roof. The previous experience regarding shopping was boring since it was almost impossible to shop all the products under one roof, thus the reason why the affected persons were supposed to move from outlet to the other to ensure that they accumulated all their products. However, it is a different case with the stores, and that is because they offer the buyers all the products, thus making the whole process entertaining. Additionally, the product differential strategy that was created by the departmental stores also proves that they created a fascinating experience. There are increased chances that the people will enjoy purchasing their products at either a supermarket or departmental store since they have an opportunity to make a selection on which is the best brand, thus proving that it is entertaining.

In brief, the paper has provided a detailed analysis regarding the rise of the consumer society as influenced by the departmental stores. First, the essay's details indicate that departmental stores earned recognition towards the close of the nineteenth century, but they are still relevant even in the current society. Many departmental stores aspects aided in the formation of modern consumer practices, and the best example is liberal shopping. The fact that the departmental organizations had created an opportunity for its consumers to engage in free shopping, it implies that they influenced the current society, as people are also open to practice shopping in supermarkets and other retail outlets. Moreover, the essay also indicates that various modern practices ailed from the department stores, and the best example is the company's arrangement. The retail industry in the contemporary world ensures that they arrange the goods in the right manner for various reasons as detailed in the analysis. Furthermore, the last part of the paper indicates that departmental stores have created entertaining experiences in the retail consumer business.

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