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The Avengers is a comic movie that has had its large share of likes and dislikes by droll fans. Its main characters include Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black widows. These characters have various superpowers that are entirely different and unique at the same time. The Iron mans power only applies when he wears the super-suit, Thor has the swinging strength of a massive hammer, Hawkeye wields powerful bow arrows that are capable of bringing down a spacecraft of aliens, and Hulk turns into a huge monster that can tear apart everything.

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1. The central idea behind the Avengers is transhumanism that is a huge, sprawling and a complicated idea. The dominant concept of this is that with technology, humans are capable of performing unique activities. Notably, this idea addresses notions of fear and hope concerning the future of humanity since peoples view on scientific progress leads to the overall change in how technologies are seen. In most cases, when individuals think of changes that science inflicts on them, their minds automatically register those affected by genetic mutations, gamma radiation or biological acceleration. However, the Avengers give people another way of appreciating the use of scientific advancement to create different superheroes.

Almost every character in the movie possesses some supernatural powers in them. The first character Hulk represents a Monster, who was enhanced through absorption of massive gamma radiation. Notably, Rage brings out the monster in Hulk, and this happen when he completely loses control over himself. Additionally, Thor is like the god, possessing incredible strength, endurance, and near immortality. He, however, lacks the infallibility or omniscient characteristics. He is a new humankind race who differs from the ordinary man with consideration to his magical ability and biological superiority. Moreover, Ironman is the robot representation. Lastly, Captain America is some super soldier. As an enhancement, Captain America represents the ideal soldier. He outshines the ordinary man in every category, health, endurance, strength, and smartness.

2. I agree with the transhumanism as a scientific enhancement of human beings into superheroes because of several reasons that are shown in the video. The first reason is the concept of the monster, Hulk, who represents how science can be uncontrollable at times. The fear of this concept is that the scientific enhancement pursuit can turn the man into a total monster at times. Secondly, Thors representation of God is relevant to the use of biological superiority to protect the weak and innocent. Lastly, the Ironman portrays transhumanisms trading of biology for the engineering field. This concept can be viewed in real life through the tasks that robots carry out on a daily basis and their effectiveness in the world.

3. The video is incredibly inspiring for some reasons. Firstly, Captain America is brought out as slower-aging, healthier, and stronger with no biological flaws. This inspires scientists to do deep research in the human enhancement field to ensure quality and improved human life. The Iron mans concept inspires in the sense that this it will bring improved sense of duty among different individuals. The other reason is the idea of combining science with human nature to keep track on the enhancements as seen in the Hulk character. Finally, the Gods concept brought out in the Thor character illustrates transhumanism as being ideal. This is true in the sense that scientific enhancements are usually geared towards being explicitly perfect.

4. a) The video relates to me in one major way; that is, the hope of a peaceful and protected society. This is brought out in various characters, for example, when Thor acts as a protector that guards people equally irrespective of their race. Specifically, the aspect of godliness gives hopes on the moral enhancements. The Ironman rejects warmongering plots for peacekeeping. Additionally, his suit invention saved many lives while at the same time making him develop deeper insights of putting everybodys needs first. This brings the safety sense within the contemporary society. On the other hand, Hulks constant fights against the enemies and the evil give hopes of an evil free society. At the time, Hulk goes to tremendous lengths in search of a cure for his condition, or a way of controlling himself. This portrays a hopeful society where scientists will go to extra miles in rectification of their mistakes.

b. The video has a major relationship with the other videos watched in the class. Specifically, the Avengers uses a lot of representation to designate its characters. Each character has a unique role that he or she plays in the video. At the same time, all these characters act as symbols for the different unique aspect of man in the contemporary society.

c. If the plot of the movie is applied in real life, we would be better off due to various reasons. The concept of Thor character going through extra miles in search of a way to control his condition portrays scientist who takes responsibilities for their actions. This would create a safe world where scientist put precautions first in every invention attempts that they make. Also, the actions of Iron man in peacemaking instead of warmongering shows that applying the authors concept of this society will enhance a peaceful world. Finally, the creation of Captain America promises of a healthier and longer life pointing to the better-improved society.

5. The video implies four ways that can be used to strengthen a community. These include kindness and goodness as portrayed by Hulk, protection as illustrated by Thor, peacekeeping through Iron man, and defending the values and ideals of the society as shown by Captain America. Particularly, these concepts can be used differently to strengthen the relationships and code of conducts among people in schools. Additionally, kindness and goodness can be practiced by both the students and the teachers within every high school to shape the moral background of the academic community. Further, peacekeeping can be applied in high schools through the holding of peacekeeping lessons and conferences. In these discussions, the students are made aware of the necessity of keeping peace among themselves and extending the concept to the entire society. Lastly, maintaining the communitys values and ideals in high schools can be ensured through educating the students to respect and uphold these beliefs.

In conclusion, the main idea brought out in The Avengers is transhumanism that comes hand in hand with scientific enhancement. Generally, the video is inspiring and can trigger a lot of efforts in the scientific enhancement of super human beings. Specifically, the movie relates a lot to my hopes of a peaceful and stable society and at the same time if applied in real life, can make life more enjoyable. Finally, the video implies four ways in which a community can be strengthened; these are protection, upholding the communitys values and ideals, peacekeeping, kindness and goodness.

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