Paper Example. The Letter to the Director of National Intelligence

Published: 2023-05-22
Paper Example. The Letter to the Director of National Intelligence
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As the head of the Intelligence Community and the principal advisor to the President, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council for intelligence matters related to national security, there is a need to get an insight into the current threatened political landscape of the region. I acknowledge my service as your principal advisor mandated with the restructuring and prioritizing intelligence collection as well as the "Need to Know." Based on recent presidential findings, the free flow of drugs across the borders with Mexico is a definite concern with multiple implications if not addressed as soon as possible. There has been a developed drug market for criminal organizations in the U.S., and without practical actions, the political landscape of the region will continue to be affected. As a result, there is a need to have an immediate contingency plan against current drug practices.

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After a series of assessments of similar situations across the world, there is a possibility to get strained or even ruined by the current threats. Just recently, Trump blamed Mexico for the U.S.'s drug challenge. He made a threat to Mexico that he could close the border "if the drugs don't stop." The Mexican crime lord Joaquin Guzman Loera or El Chapo has been behind bars since February 2019, yet his conviction has only had little effect on the stemming of the flow of drugs into the United States. There still exist other criminal cartels such as the Sinaloa cartel who have been considered as the most expansive footprints locally.

Drugs have never stopped coming across the border as drugs such as Mexican heroin have had increasing percentages as realized by the President. Additionally, almost all the cocaine that enters the United States comes through the Mexican border. The case of narcotics prompted the recommendation to build a wall, but it has been found that they would still have little effect on the situation.

Currently, there are multiple fragmented groups that have battled over smuggling routes. Some have prompted the movement into new businesses. There were at least 58,372 murders last year in Mexico as a result of the drug war. The war has been the result of the large trying to absorb the small while the small have always fought for their independence in the business. This has led to an unstable situation that has raised eyebrows for the political administrators in the current U.S. environment. The concerns have challenged the news media as well as the public as there have been endless efforts, yet none of them deems effective.

Arresting the current drug lords and individuals involved in the drug market cannot work as it is not the primary function of the government. In an effort to ensure public security, the government can only act through the DNI. Weak solutions only create an opportunity to have the U.S. National Security as well as the protection of other neighboring regions a challenge. The strategy of operations ought to be shifted from convicting the dealers of the drug market to creating contingency plans against Mexico's drug flow. It may seem complex, but the public awaits the restructuring and prioritizing intelligence collection.

According to Executive order 12333, various mandates, powers, and responsibilities have been extended from the U.S. to beyond; hence, the need to provide multiple information as soon as it is needed. There is a "Need-To-Know" as the CIA has the authority to request information and get it as quickly as possible for a possible finding of solutions towards security matters. The fundamental operations are centered on finding and countering the various threats to the U.S. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from Mexico quoted the solutions from the U.S. government as ill-fated. There has been military assistance in the fight against drug gangs and cartels that have been declined by the Mexican President along with his administration. For instance, the $500 million in supplemental funds for enhanced border security and law enforcement offered by the Obama administration deemed no results in the halting of drug movement as the challenge is still there.

A series of steps can be taken to end the issue to do with the threatening drug flow. First and foremost, various strategies were put in place, yet still dormant and not effective to date. For instance, the National Southwest Border Counternarcotic Strategy would have worked for a challenging situation. The strategy could have been useful while working as a blueprint for the reduction of the flow of drugs across the border. Besides, there were added advantages with the strategy, such as the banning of drug proceeds and any other associated violent tools across the Mexican border. Effecting the plan would primarily enhance the intelligence capabilities that have been associated with the Mexican border. Additionally, reviving it would mean an interdiction of any drugs, the various drug proceeds, as well as any other associated threats to the U.S. National Security as well as the neighboring regions.

The National Southwest Border Counternarcotic Strategy could also encourage the prosecution of the involved parties without raising the threat to public security. There would also be a disruption and the dismantling of drug trafficking organizations, both large and small, halting the fight amongst them. It is evident that the dispute could extend beyond the U.S. borders, especially with the recent challenging pandemic. There would be a seamless implementation of technologies to halt the drug processes along the Southwest border. With such additional strategies, there would also be active cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico concerning the counterdrug solutions.

As the principal advisor to the President, there is a need to understand the role of the government in addressing the security threats to the Southwest. There is a need to work with the State and local law enforcement and other Mexican stakeholders to enhance border security. The operations could be guided by the 2010 National Drug Control Strategy. The New Homeland Security could also participate in addressing security concerns as a result of drug movement across the border. The agency could enhance intelligence measures by sharing more information and creating technologies to address the situation.

More effort can also be put upon the existing High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program created in 1988. There is little assistance provided to the local, tribal, and state law enforcement agencies that operate in various areas. The program is one amongst the many developed for the implementation of a regional system aimed at combined efforts in intelligence and interdiction to reduce the movement of drugs that pose a security threat to the U.S. and the neighboring regions. Other initiatives that could be revived include the Merida Initiative that could encourage the sharing of responsibilities of the United States and Mexico. The strategies should be built upon the cooperation of the U.S. and Mexican governments to come up with a solution to establish better measures against the threatening challenge of drug movement.

In conclusion, it is evident that there is a failed war on drugs, and Mexico should not be blamed for the probing challenge related to the drug movement in and out of Mexico. There is a huge demand for drugs in the U.S., and a continued drug business would yield negative outcomes. The existing and upcoming more significant major drug market for criminal organizations in the U.S. can only be halted through the implementation of strategies that focus on cooperating more with the Mexican government concerning the war on drugs. Governmental action is the most effective solution to the carnage.

Yours sincerely,


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