Free Essay with Tricks for Getting Inspired to Write

Published: 2017-07-10
Free Essay with Tricks for Getting Inspired to Write
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Where do I find inspiration? A simple enough question with an answer that is really never-ending. Inspiration isn`t something that is usually easy to describe much less where to find it. I think that`s a question everyone that`s been wanting to write have been asking for years. Well let`s give them an answer then. Inspiration is something that can come out of nowhere and hit you like a freight train or it can come to you while you`re dreaming. Personally whenever I get truly inspired it`s more like the freight train.

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When inspiration comes knocking at my door sometimes it`s hard to answer it, not in the sense that I don`t want to write, but because of where the inspiration is coming from. A lot of my ideas come from past memories and, like most people, I`ve got some I don`t like remembering all the time. However, I`ve found that the best work comes out when I do write from those, it shows how much pain I was in and how I found my way out through writing. That`s one reason I love writing, it makes everything better and it`s like a best friend you can confide in without having to talk that much.

Another great way ideas come to me are through everyday actions. Seeing people interact with one another is fantastic. You don`t only see how you interact, but you see how everyone else does too. What that means is if I see an altercation, that quite frankly is stupid and could have been avoided, I can take to my paper and rewrite it the way I would have handled it this way I get to see that somewhere there might be some good in the world still.

Lastly my greatest inspiration, my family. Family is my greatest source because it has all the elements of a great story, without having to sit through hours of mind-numbing shows that have the same aspects, but bad acting. When I think of a perfect family I think of people that don`t argue, get along great, and never have any problems. Yeah I`m with you, that gets old really quick. When thinking about how my stories will impact a reader I put myself in their place, does this story have good characters, good plot, and for some stories a good lesson? I try to make sure all my stories have just that; which is why I choose my family I already know the characters well and there`s never a dull moment in the Wyatt household.

Inspiration is one of those things that is hard to pinpoint for some people, when we ask authors, artists, or anyone that enjoys art in anyway how they were inspired by history. They usually don`t go into great detail, and I found out why after years of trying to be inspired by those same authors and artists. The reason that they never truly share their inspiration story is because, when they share it sometimes it stops the creative flow. Even if the creative flow stops for some, the magic of writing is we can pick it up again after so long and remember exactly what we were writing before.

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