Free Essay Example on United States Marine Corps Customs

Published: 2019-05-23
Free Essay Example on United States Marine Corps Customs
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Military Courtesy is significant in developing effective relations amongst the enlisted and other members of USMC. It plays a critical role in mutual respect and trust between both parties and among the officers themselves. The usual rules and regulations that govern the relationships in the United States Marine Corps should be depicted even in the way the relations are conducted in the social media. The interactions should uphold professionalism, customs and courtesies that manage the USMC at all times.

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Responsibility is the key to associations made in Social Media. All posts should be done intelligently and respectfully to ensure that they do not offend or affect other people. More so, they should not violate policies such as operations security (OPSEC), Joint Ethics Regulations, Personally Identifiable Information and the release of information to the public. According to The Privacy Act of 1974, the privacy of all individual service members must be protected. All these regulations, rules, and customs can only be adhered to by maintaining the professional Marine Corps relationships online as they are usually maintained. The responsibility aspect should guide posts and comments made online so that they do not end up tarnishing any of Marine Corps image or even destroying their career.

As a Marine service member, participating in social media is important but it requires sound judgment and a lot of professionalism. Overreacting on reckless issues, comments and posts could result in adverse effects not only on enlisted lives but also they can terminate their career or destroy their reputation. The free right of speech to all marine members should not lead them into the temptation of over reacting on a post made online. Rather, the enlisted members should use common sense because any post made can potentially be seen not only by friends and families but also by everyone else thus posing a risk from enemies.

A seemingly minor comments or issue published with disregard to the marine rules governing the online interactions can be potentially harmful. Other people could share it, and it could become uncontrollable once it gets into the public domain. When a negative post or comment has been made, the parties concerned should not shy from it or else it will compromise their credibility. In such circumstances, one should join in an amusing manner avoiding emotional or passionate responses. Also, even though some information may not be a secret, it is important to avoid posting them if one is not sure whether it is critical information. Such critical information such date of birth protects personal safety ensuring it has not been jeopardized.

It is anticipated that more than a third of Facebook users use mobile phones to have access to Facebook. As an enlisted member of USMC, it is risky to use such devices because with the use of Facebook Places a GPS-based application other people can trace their location. This may compromise the Operation Security Policy that restricts all members associated with USMC from sharing information that may disclose the unit location, personally identifiable information, deployment dates and equipment specifications. When one has to use mobile phones to access Facebook, the GPS-based application should be disabled to avoid leaking critical information.

In conclusion, all the rules that typically apply to the members of the United States Marine Corps should be maintained even when relating to social media. Any information that cannot be addressed amongst the members of Marine forces should not be disclosed on social media sites either. Also, one should handle any action responsibly so as to help regulate posting stuff that could be harmful to other members or that could violate OPSEC. Professionalism and respect for one another are critical aspects that guide marine forces to develop mutual relationships and understanding. It should help them uphold the code of ethics and marine rules and regulations on regular occasions and when making posts or comments on social media forums.

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