Why We Buy a Product, Marketing Essay in the Example of Oreo

Published: 2022-07-19
Why We Buy a Product, Marketing Essay in the Example of Oreo
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Brand loyalty grows over a period of time. What factors make a person loyal to a given brand? The Marketing done plays a significant role in seeing that people are loyal to a given brand. Through the implementation of the marketing P's, marketers are able to create a loyal brand of followers (Oreo.com, 2018). Currently, Oreos has a huge number of loyal customers. What has made them stick to the brand yet there are other alternatives in the market? In the paper, we will explore how marketers strategically market their products to gain a considerable market segment; moreover, we will explore the use of 4Ps to target and retain a customer.

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Products Features that Attract a Customer

Currently, Oreo has a vast number of loyal customers, both young and the old. The product's design is an important feature that keeps the customers coming back. Oreo consist of two chocolate wafers and creme between them. The sweet combination helps to attract and retain customers (Sedacca, 2018). Another feature that appeals to customers is the price when the quality of the products matches the amount; the products develop a high appeal to the customers. The packaging and the branding of the products play a significant role in keeping and attracting customers.

The people that buy the products are mostly young and affluent. Oreo classifies them as the upper middle age and the older population. The primary customers are between the ages of 35-44 followed closely by those of 45-54 (Infoscount, 2018). African Americans and the Hispanics are the main buyers of Oreos. Their salaries are above $60k per year (Infoscount, 2018). The customer's exhibit repeated buying behavior since they not only purchase for close relations.

How Oreo's marketers strategically market the product

The marketers significantly utilize the 4Ps to ensure that the product is ideal to the customer. For instance, the price is strategically set to match the quality of the products. The product is beyond the penetration stage, and thus they price the product at a premium. In placing, the marketers ensure that the product is strategically placed in shopping malls and supermarkets, mostly at the exit point where the customer will make an impulse decision to buy (Sedacca, 2018). Moreover, the marketers ensure that the product's design is appealing and promises to offer value to potential customers. The packaging and branding go a long way in making people try out the product. Promotion of the product through advertising and special offers brings in new people and keeps the old customers coming back.

Oreos pricing is able to offer products satisfaction through the quality and quantity of the product. When Oreos is compared to other similar products in the market, the taste is better, it has no, and the portion size is the same. The product that is advertised is what the customer gets. Oreos Distributions Strategy

Oreos is a global brand; the distribution used by the company varies from country to country. For instance, in India, the company makes use of distributors to ensure the product reaches the customer. Cadbury, who makes and distributes the products in India are responsible for marketing the products in the country. In the United States, Cadbury is distributed using various strategies such as direct distribution. Direct distribution is achieved through the use of online shops and the company website. In other countries, the distribution is done through the traditional channels of distribution such as use of wholesalers and retailer who take it to the final consumer.

Oreo's Promotional Strategy that Attracts Customers

Oreos consumers can relate the cookies with a reach and creamy, strong flavor. The packaging of the products distinguishes it from other competitors in the market. Oreos has made heavy use of the visual media to ensure that people are aware of the product's existence (Oreo.com, 2018). Moreover, visual media is essential in seeing that they are able to distinguish it at first purchase.

According to Al Badi (2015), customer targeting is also essential in attracting and keeping customers. The company targets the youths and children with its methods of advertising. Moreover, the company strives to ensure that the store display and outdoor campaigns match across various countries and regions. Through the use of social media, the company can reach the target customers. Use of celebrities has helped the company influence more people to try out the product (Sedacca, 2018).

Oreo's Target Market and 4Ps of Marketing

Oreos is now a global brand, with more than 100 years in operation (Oreo.com, 2018). The company has learned to customize the product to meet the needs of the local market. For instance, the American market was saturated, and growth was low. Therefore, it moved across, and now they had more places to sell their products (Oreo.com, 2018). In promotion, the company uses social media and celebrities to reach out its potential market. Pricing of the products is done to match that of the locals, for instance, the Chinese are low spenders, and thus the company had to create packaging to accommodate their low price requirements. Since Oreos is available in various countries across the globe, the product is made using locally sourced raw materials. Therefore, the possibility of conflict with locals over products ingredients is quite low. Regulatory Challenges to Overcome Before Oreos Reach the Consumer

Regulatory challenges vary depending on the country the Oreos is being sold. Some of the environmental challenges that the company must overcome include the triple bottom line (3Ps) (Sedacca, 2018). From a global expectation, the company is expected to take care of the Planet, profits, and people. Socially, the company is expected to conform to the traditions of the people. For instance, In Islamic cultures, the food has to be halal and meet Halal requirements. Marketing should also be done ethically to avoid legal repercussions (Al Badi, 2015).


Oreos operation in the market has been enabled through proper marketing. Currently, the United States is saturated, and it cannot meet the expansion needs of a company. The expansion to other countries has been done strategically and through it, the company has been able to set roots globally. Customizing the products to meet the local needs has played even a bigger role in seeing that the company is a global brand.


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