Essay Sample on Climate Change and Effects on Cities

Published: 2023-03-19
 Essay Sample on Climate Change and Effects on Cities
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Climate change has become a danger facing the world. People are contributing to change in climate, and the latter is leading to adverse effects on the former.
The relationship between human activities and climate change is interlinked and profoundly affects each other. For instance, as established by Moore (2019), air conditioning is profoundly affecting climate change. Although most people prefer the use of air conditioners to regulate temperatures for their comfort, it should be understood that the exercise results in spreading heat to other regions leading to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is crucial to employ alternative approaches, including using shades and creating ventilation to avoid air conditioning.

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Cities across the globe must adopt measures to curb pollution and global warming. According to Russell (2019), the US has taken various steps geared toward solving pollution and global warming. Planting of trees is a crucial aspect that provides a platform for absorbing excess CO2 gas that contributes to greenhouse gases. The trend of ensuring green infrastructure across cities is a necessary criterion for reducing pollution. Communicating and teaching people in the cities about the best living standards without exposure to pollution is relevant. Such include imposing penalties to industries emitting greenhouse gases and encouraging them to reduce. A strategic means of construction that includes cool roofs and pavements is crucial in lowering heat emission. Failure to apply measures for reducing the pollution will cause excess global warming. As a result, living things, including people and plants, will start to die. Severe economic challenges will be experienced, as well. Not forgetting, the earth will begin to crack and experience dangerous occurrences, including acidic rains, earthquakes, and tsunami, among others leading to extinction.

Suburbs are crucial aspects that should be considered when tackling climate change. Accumulation of people in the cities results in increased activities, including the use and emission of energy. As a result, the emission of greenhouse gases increases. Dealing with suburbs, including suburbs, sprawls can help because people can observe green life by planting trees in the areas of residence and other environmentally friendly activities to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The cost involved can be challenging, especially for low-income earners. However, in the long-run benefits are more. A measure such as environmental gentrification can be adopted to make the suburbs more eco-friendly (Trina & Winifred, 2019).

Cars remain one of the leading causes of increased emission of greenhouse gases in cities. Unfortunately, the majority of people prefer using personal cars instead of mass transport, which increases the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. A study conducted by Jaffe (2013) revealed that the leading cause of this habit is due to the failure of making rational decisions when evaluating the situation. Although mass transit appears to provide better and less dangerous transport than personal driving, people do not apply cognitive reasoning and just use their own cars to experience prestige regardless of the repercussion.

Suggestions for reducing global warming in cities are crucial, especially during the current era. One of the recommendations is for city authorities to come up with policies for reducing greenhouse emissions. Personal cars should be replaced by mass transportation in the cities. Failure to comply should attract stiff penalties. Secondly, cities should spearhead infrastructure structure based on eco-friendliness. A lot of structures should not be allowed without proper planning. Instead, suburbs should be encouraged. Educating people about eco-friendly practices is crucial. Masses in the city should be well updated to go green and avoid disposing of waste that poses a danger to the environment. More importantly, industries operating in the cities should be provided with targets for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The management of industries should be encouraged to use other safer sources of energy, including solar.

Redeveloping a city to ensure it is sustainable is only applicable through the collaboration of the city authorities and population. The best approach is to ensure the population volunteer to the course after rolling out education and campaign against global warming. As established by Elmqvist (2018), the best approach is to apply resilience by ensuring coping, adaptive, and transformative measures to achieve sustainability. Policies should be made to regulate waste disposal and the emission of greenhouse gases. People should be involved in green initiatives by holding various programs and movements against the emission of greenhouse gases.


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