Essay Sample on Comparative Statistics on The Health Systems

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Sample on Comparative Statistics on The Health Systems
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Today, the significant changes occurring within healthcare financial services, are primarily contributed by various data combinations, the expressed perspective of the medical profession as well as payer receptiveness. Ideally, the evaluation of the health system performance is central to improved health outcomes since it offers essential mechanisms of identifying the sections with high and low performance (Papanicolas & Smith, 2013). Health systems assessment also allows efforts to increase and enhance the effectiveness of the healthcare systems in accomplishing universal health coverage. The chief aim of this paper is to critically interpret and compare significant health statistical data regarding in some of the developed nations from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, best known as (OECD). Indeed, the overall progress of the organizations such as the World health organization (WHO), the Commonwealth Fund, and individually developed countries, the comparison efforts of their performance are in their early phases, and therefore significant challenges in the execution of the assessment data.

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In comparison with the data from other developed nations, the healthcare costs per individual is higher in the United States while per service unit is less accessible to a considerable percentage of its population and results in comparatively poor gross outcomes. However, from the data given, the healthcare spending by the United States either assessed by the gross domestic product or the per capita U.S. dollars is much higher as compared to the spending levels in other industrialized nations (McLaughlin & M.J., 2014). Moreover, infant mortality or the number of deaths occurring in the first year per 1000 live births is substantially applied in assessing the health outcome (McLaughlin & M.J., 2014). Also, from the given comparison data, the 2015 OECD infant mortality rate ranged from 2.2 per 1000 live births in Switzerland to the U.S. with an infant mortality rate of 6 being ranked the first among the included OECD nations (McLaughlin & M.J., 2014). Other comparative statistics data that would be essential in understanding the health care systems include the inpatient days per capita, inpatient occupancy rate, and average length of stays. The statistical data concerning this information would significantly help in improving inpatient medical care.

The Universal Health Coverage in Developed Countries

The primary aim of Universal health coverage is to ensure that everyone has access to quality care without any financial difficulties (Ortiz-Ospina & Roser, 2017). A considerable percentage of the OECD nations deliver affordable and accessible healthcare services and provide a gold standard or care. However, they are faced with significant challenges in sustaining universal systems.

The Source of Revenues Used to Pay for The Universal Healthcare

The national government puts more effort in ensuring that everyone gets access to quality health services regardless of their payment method (Ortiz-Ospina & Roser, 2017). In many countries, healthcare is funded by overall income taxes or payroll taxes


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