Free Essay on Ethics and Legal Issues in Leadership

Published: 2023-05-02
Free Essay on Ethics and Legal Issues in Leadership
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Various challenges typically hinder the majority of hospitals across the world. Congestion is one of the main problems in the health sector because there are fewer hospitals when compared to the patients. The congestion that is usually witnessed in most hospitals is caused by inadequate capital to establish more waiting rooms. I will, therefore, focus on how to determine and justify the ethical framework that would aid in the provision of appropriate guidelines when it comes to the moral decision-making model and an argument for the ethical dilemma.

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Question one

As one of the nurse managers under the category of progressive care unit, I will adhere to the following techniques towards the achievement of patient safety in the next few hours. Firstly, I will adopt codes of good conduct to provide better services to the patients, and this method of approach helps to eliminate the confusion that may arise. I will also follow the measures that have been put across by the administration hence ensuring the patient's safety. Self-awareness allows proper access to patient health conditions (Borhani et al. 2014). In terms of decision-making, I will adopt an appropriate decision-making process, for instance, that aims at gathering for patient care, for example, normal cardiac rhythm. The adoption of cyclic nature helps to attain repeated adequate data collection, therefore, leading to an appropriate approach to patient safety (Kangasniemi, 2013).

I will adopt a moral decision-making model that has the correct guidelines and more, so that relates to the decision-making process. Moral decision-making promotes nursing principles by eliminating the confusion that may occur in my respective workplace. Modern technology, for instance, privacy screens, will enhance effectiveness in my progressive care unit by ensuring the normal cardiac rhythm of a patient.

Question two

Based on my understanding, I think the situation is an ethical dilemma because it involves the use of critical thinking in terms of its approach in that, to some extent, I am supposed to use knowledge to identify the appropriate procedures to be used while gathering for the patients' safety.

Conclusively, the adoption and incorporation of a good code of conduct help a lot in bringing cohesion. Moreover, there is a massive heap of sentimental values that are drawn from better decision-making. Nursing principles that are prerequisites thereby can be attained for the betterment of the patients.


Borhani, F., Jalali, T., Abbaszadeh, A., & Haghdoost, A. (2014). Nurses' Perception of ethical climate and organizational commitment. Nursing Ethics, 21(3), 278-288.

Kangasniemi, M., Vaismoradi, M., Jasper, M., & Turunen, H. (2013). Ethical issues in patient safety: Implications for nursing management. Nursing Ethics, 20(8), 904-916.

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