Free Essay with the President Roosevelt's Speech Analysis

Published: 2022-03-25
Free Essay with the President Roosevelt's Speech Analysis
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The President also appeals to the ethical standpoint of the American people. As discussed above, the President reminds his audience of their morals. He reminds them of what it means to be successful. In the speech, the President termed happiness as the delight of accomplishments. He reminded his audience to not be materialistic in pursuit of success. He presents himself as an ethical person that considers his new position not just as a job but as an obligation. He faults those who have turned the definition of success to be defined by money and power as the people who created the brought down the country in the first place. From the ethical standpoint, it seems right that Americans should put their faith in an ethical person like him who believes in the sacredness of obligations.

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In the final chapters of the speech, the president has depended on pathos to capture the emotions of his audience. To achieve his objective, it is imperative that his audience view him as their fellow citizen and neighbor rather than their President. As discussed above, pathos is seen as the President directs his speech towards teaching the American people the importance of interdependence. He addresses the American people on the benefits of being a good neighbor. The president appealed to the emotions of the American population by talking about the links and relationships between Americans. He also uses his position to present himself as honest which will inadvertently make most of the general population trust him. This technique is effective in gaining the approval of the American population to trust him.

The paper has shown the rhetoric that is present in President Roosevelt's speech. From the discussions above the President has relied on logos more than any other rhetoric technique. This was a good move because it directs the audience to think they initiated that thought on their own. By supporting the leadership, they get to believe they made that decision to support the president. It would, however, be more effective if the President's speech could have dived straight to the main points of the speech. Much time had been spent addressing other areas, and in the end, it seemed like the President was rushing to squeeze all the remaining points in the limited space and time.

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