Comparison Essay Example: Terrorism Versus Organized Crime

Published: 2022-03-22
Comparison Essay Example: Terrorism Versus Organized Crime
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On this particular discussion, we will center our arguments on the structure and composition of both terrorism and organized crimes to bring out the differences between the two. In this assignment, we are required to conduct an analysis of terrorism and organized crimes both at the national and international levels. Although both are acts of human insecurity and thus pose equivalent insecurity cases to humanity, we need to differentiate between each action when committed. Organized crime can, therefore, be argued to be focused on achievement some sought of economic advantages, the parties involved benefit from gaining material benefits and acquiring a market share by use of illegal methods. These parties obtain some position in the market by use of undue influences. Crimes such as robbery, violence, trafficking, and fraud are some of the ways used to acquire market command by organized crimes (Williams, 2009).

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On the other hand, terrorism or terror groups are organized militia in pursuance of some ideological views and some political affiliation. The terror groups have been trying to bring about change in particular nations by use of violence means such as bombings and hijacking upon which lots of people lose their lives. We can, therefore, conclude that terrorism and organized criminals differ in their approach in that the two are each motivated by different push factors and their objectives are constantly different. Terror groups have frequently been seen to attract the attention of the media as they always demand recognition and thus use this specific channel to cause fear and tension among the citizens of a particular nation. Crime organized groups are never known to bring about profound destruction such as destruction of infrastructure and the indiscriminate attacks on ordinary people as compared to terrorism. Crime gangs get their motivation from the urge to earn easy money and make the quickest profits with no concern of influencing opinions within a country or a change in a particular regime (Climent, & Shanty, 2008).

Nevertheless, according to the question, if l had the power and machinery possible, l would first do away with all sorts of crimes within my country. It is worth noting that the genesis of all terror groups around the world has a link to either organized crimes or drug trafficking. According to research, terrorism and organized criminals have been found to be interlinked, in that they both support each other to perform their activities. Terrorist groups use organized criminals to advance their influence in certain political climates and governmental objectives.

Research has it that the leaders of most terror groups were linked first linked to crimes such as money laundering, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, and smuggling. All these criminals form links with terror groups and with the experience they already have established a composition of an even more significant terror group such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The leaders of these terror groups were once local criminals who later changed their ideologies and motivation factors. I, therefore, believe that if we get rid of all sorts of crimes within our countries and boundaries, it would be an onset of terrorism elimination from the world. The eradication of crime will help break the strategic alliances between these groups and the radicalization of the locals to form the terror groups. According to the intelligence analysts, these two groups share some network along which they complement each other in achieving their objectives. In conclusion, we can, therefore, say that the government of any particular nation should have a clear stance on organized criminals as they have been found to later radicalize into world terrorists (Lutz, 2007).


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