Free Essay Example about Veterans Support

Published: 2019-07-16
Free Essay Example about Veterans Support
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As I watch people come in and leave, I realize that people are more caring, dedicated, and hardworking than one could ever think. The Strong Soldier Corp. has been one of the Organizations that has taken up the responsibility to take care of the veterans, financially and in another way. I feel proud to be part of this great course. Today is Veterans Day and people from different states have gathered here with us to pay their respect to our soldiers. It is a pleasure to be part of something so great, more so it feels good to help others. When people do good to you, reciprocate the kindness and be good to them. Our veterans have done us more than just good. Putting their lives out there for us is more than enough to salute and stand with them. Today, I am among the many thousands of people of people standing with other all over the world and speaking about the veterans. (Landau, 2002)

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Seeing the success of Strong Soldier Company is my joy. When I joined the Organization, we were just twelve employees campaigning on behalf of our veterans. Look at us now, we are among the best nonprofit Organization in America giving help to all veterans, the wounded and the sick. As we remember the sacrifices and service of our veterans, we also give thank to them. It is a special day to remember men and women who have selflessly and valiantly devoted giving themselves toward something greater than them. We honor Americans for their patriotism, love for the country and willingness to sacrifice for common good.

People are bringing in their Thanksgiving gifts, flowers and those none of that are carrying in their hearts. Honoring men and women who have served our country are the best things to do. As I welcome people in the hall, I feel that I have accomplished something great. Everyone can identify us, with our unique attire and know that we are part of the outstanding nobility. As we thanks Tour veterans today, we also remember the current ones who have also put their lives on the line. In a few minutes, Veterans from our state will be joining us to celebrate and pay respect together with us.

The Strong Soldier donations will go to support the life-saving program purposed to help the injured soldiers. The company has grown its services and programs to meet the growing need of Veterans it helps. Currently, Strong Soldier helps more than 80,000 injured service members and over 10,000 to support the family members. Our vision is to foster a prosperous, whole team of wounded service members in our countrys history. We are honored to support our veteran and military associates. As the veterans, come in everyone is watching in total silence. They are all uniformly dressed. The tough look on their faces describes the nature of their job. Saluting in uniformity shows you how united they are to fight for us. As they walk, everybody stands to pay respect to them. It is one of these moments, where you get emotional, not because you are sad but because you are overwhelmed with joy.

As the CEO of Strong Soldier, I am honored to present this check of $2million donation to the Veterans, Says the CEO. I cannot help but stand and clap with our members of the society around. Giving back to the community is part of who we are and what we do and we take pleasure in it. Our associates should know that we are part of them and they can count on us as we have their back. Veterans most senior are taking up the stage and thanking Strong Soldier for our generosity, support and important resources we are providing to make a positive impact on the lives of service members.

In interacting with people, I come across this lady who has advanced in age. She tells me of how she has been part of this call for many years. Her husband was a veteran, deployed in Afghanistan. In his operation, he suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of a bomb that rendered him paralyzed. Although the government took care of him, she felt that they did not do well enough. They could have taken him to the more advanced hospital for further check-up. As the lady talks, I cannot help but realize that her hands are shaking. After weeks of treatment, her husband passed on and she has always felt that he would still be alive if better health care were given to him. She has therefore dedicated her life to donating towards the veterans.

The truth is that we need these veterans as they are our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends but they need us more. They need to see us appreciate them. Strong Soldier has been part of this movement of making the veterans feel their worth. I could never have asked for more than being part of such an institution that leads people to doing well to others and feeling good. As long as we have the Veterans, we have our nation. Service before self is the theme we should also take up as the veterans have also done so for us. Although we are supporting them in all possible ways, it will never be enough as we owe them a great debt of gratitude. (Rodgers, 2015)

Bringing together brands, consumers and retailers in support of the injured veterans is one of the greatest national causes marketing campaign. In partnership with other companies, a campaign on supporting our service members more is needed to honor and support wounded warriors. The campaign will tell stories of warriors, their journey and victory. This campaign known as Believe in Heroes needs the support of our Americans. Help us make the world and make a difference. For more information, visit


Landau, E. (2002). Veterans Day--remembering our war heroes. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers.

Rodgers, K. (2015). Remembering our heroes: Veterans Day.

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