Communication between doctor and patient

Published: 2018-04-01
Communication between doctor and patient
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A patient needs to understand the doctor's report in relation to what the doctor has diagnosed. Poor communication or using medical terminologies will make a patient to panic. For instance, if a doctor describes the patient's condition by mention terms like echocardiogram not being interesting, the rate of expulsion standing at above 67%. All the tests from the laboratory turned negative. This description will create a negative impression, and the patient thinks that her condition is complicated. But in the real sense, the client is not suffering from any condition. This communication gives a patient the best understanding of her state and enables her to interpret it well. On the other hand, doctors use jargons when writing a diagnostic report and drug prescription. Jargon makes patients with complication not to know the intensity of the disease hence preventing them from panicking and disease-related stress. Therefore, when a doctor uses medical terminologies, he should ensure that the patient understands everything at the end of the doctor-patient interaction.

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